Lucrecia Crescent (Rukuretsia Kureshento?): Lucrecia is a female scientist who worked on the Jenova Project, alongside Professor Hojo and Professor Gast. She was Vincent's love interest as well as Sephiroth's biological mother.

Lucrecia is estimated to have been born around 60 years before the events of the game. She worked as a Class A biotechnologist for the Shinra Electric Power Company under the direction of Grimoire Valentine, Vincent Valentine's father. Her thesis on Omega and Chaos had suffered much criticism and she was anxious to prove her colleagues wrong. During one of her investigations she happened upon the suspected location of the dormant Chaos.

During the events before Final Fantasy VII, Lucrecia was assigned as an assistant to Professor Faremis Gast alongside Professor Hojo in the town of Nibelheim. They were to investigate the excavated specimen (later known as Jenova) from the Northern Crater which was suspected to be an Ancient (Cetra). Upon analysis they falsely believed it to be a Cetra and attempted to extract its cellular DNA in order to artificially produce soldiers with the Cetra's abilities. She used her unborn child as the subject of the Jenova Project's first in vivo experiment despite objections from Vincent Valentine. During pregnancy, Lucrecia began receiving visions of the horrors her unborn son would commit, and in an untimely encounter, discovered Vincent shot by Hojo. Fearing for his life, Lucrecia exposed him to the stagnated mako, causing the being known as Chaos to be absorbed into his body. Though his life was saved, he was left in a feral madness. Disgusted with all that she had done to those she cared about and the changes Jenova's cells had wrought in her own body, she attempted to kill herself. However, she was unable to easily die because of the presence of Jenova's cells in her body, and, thus, she isolated herself in a cave and trapped herself within mako crystals. During the events of Final Fantasy VII, she is discovered by Vincent and the others, and she asks if Sephiroth had died yet. Vincent, hoping to help her rest in peace, falsely tells her that he had.

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"I wanted to disappear... I couldn't be with anyone... I wanted to die... But the Jenova inside me wouldn't let me die... Lately, I dream a lot of Sephiroth... My dear, dear child. Ever since he was born I never got to hold him, even once... Not even once. You can't call me his mother... That... is my sin..."

I used to think so. Sometimes I still do. I loved that child, I had looked forward to having him, and yet still...

I knew of the risks when I first got into it all. My husband didn't, quite to the contrary of popular belief, trick me into accepting his sick ideas. I myself believed it was all nice and well... No harm would come to my child, or to me. He would get stronger with the doses he recieved, and he would be given a better chance in life. I wanted to do it! For him! For myself! For my husband! For the sake of all of us!

Oh, how wrong I was proven. I should have seen what was coming my way. Foolish person, meddling with matters better left alone. I should have learned the first time. That is my sin... To think I would repeat it over again....

Grimoire... forgive me. I could not save you... If I hadn't been so ardent, you might still... I'm so sorry!

Vincent... Don't hold yourself responsible. It was my decision all along. You tried to stop me, remember? I carried on without listening. It was all my fault. And I couldn't tell you why I was so tense at times... I was ashamed. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I'm so sorry!

Hojo... I know that you know what I mean. Forgive me. Hadn't it been for.... Ah... I-I'm... I hope you will find peace.

Sephiroth... Dearest son... For you, I would do anything. Word reached me of what you did to this world. Forgive a mother's foolish attempts to do what's best for her unborn. You won't know who I am - we never met - but know that I love you. Now and forever.

Oh, I apologize! I should have made a proper introduction! I'm Lucrecia Crescent, it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm sorry if the first impression is a little gloomy - I thought I would start off with the bad parts and have them done before moving on.

I'm a Biotechnologist Class A, and my last employment was under the Shinra Company. I'm quite a shy, gentle person. I don't like big crowds, and I guess I'm a bit romantic. -smiles- I love walks in the nature, but I'm also a bit of a workaholic - it is hard for me to put away clipboard and pencil unless some friends join in. Some say I am passionated about science, and I have to admit that is the truth. I love my work, even after all that has happened, though I am more careful nowadays. Etics should never be pushed aside to the extents they were during my work on the Jenova Project!

I don't know what more to say about myself, really. -nervous laughter- You are free to ask me if there's anything you wonder.


The two men in my life

My (ex)husband, Professor Hojo

Uhm.... He might have been an oddball, the Professor, but he really was a man of science. It was our passion for our works that brought us together, and he always understood what I meant when I spoke of my findings. And he was patient with me. How many other men would accept that their wife leaves bed at 4 AM and doesn't return until well past midnight? He was a workaholic just like me, and we spent many nights in the lab, drinking coffee and chatting about trivial things. Some of these moments are stuck in my head forever. For a while, he made me happy.

Then, he begun to change... Greed, or a hunger for power - I don't know which. Maybe he was barking mad to begin with. In the end it consumed him, and the man I loved and respected was gone.

I still love who he was. And I still miss him.

Vincent Valentine, my bodyguard
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Vincent... Somehow, he always made me smile. No matter how rainy my day was, his careful, gentle nature soothed my mind, and I found that I liked being around him. This frightened me, since he was the son of Dr Grimoire Valentine... But this man stole a piece of my heart I didn't even believe I had. He, with his subtle ways and silent approachings. So sweet and innocent. Sometimes, I even forgot he worked for the Turks. He made the world look so much brighter. Hadn't it been for his father's death, and the part I played in it, everything would have been just perfect...

My dream avatar and current project:

Total Value: 27,475,655 Gold
After Exclusions: 27,465,871 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Silver Tiara With Sapphire
Angelic Mood Bubble
Winter Rose
Angelic Sash
Pearl Drop Earrings
Pearl Necklace
Mythrill Halo
Elegant Veil
Drop Necklace
Clean White Tavern Wench\'s Skirt

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