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I'm shy, loud, bitchy, crazy and just all around fun. But i'm also caring when it comes to those that mean the most to me. The most important thing to me in the world is my Family and friends. I have been through so much that i honestly don't know what i would do or be to this day with out them.

I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd. I've been a fan since the books first came out. So don't be surprised if you hear me saying Merlin or Bloody Hell! XP

I'm very blunt at times. I try to hold some things back but if i get to the boiling point i will not hold back.

I'm easy to get along with long as you don't act like a moron.

I absolutely love piercings and tattoos. Working on my way through getting a list of the ones i want. So far i have 9 piercings and 6 tattoos. (and about 13 more tattoos and 5 piercings to go) I started looking into and researching tattoo/piercing's since i was 13 give or take. But i have always been fascinated by them since i was young because of my parents and those around me having tattoos and piercings. It is another form of art to me. I am currently studying to become a piercer. It is a long process but it is worth it because once finished i can truly say i am a professional and not someone who does not really know a lick about what to do.

I'm one of a kind and you will never find another like me.


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This is my most recent tattoo. I got the work done on 1/18/11 by my favorite Artist Quincy.

Quincy doing the shading.

Finished work

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