it's like i'm dying lol

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(Profile is now public to all of you ******** />
__I logged on again to tell everyone reading this that my life has been much
better / productive without this shitty a** site.
I could go on for days on how shitty is, but I believe it takes one's personal experience to acknowledge it and take the big step forward.. leaving. Though it's pretty easy if you ask me. Lol.

__The initial reason to why I departed from gaia was that Kris and I broke up. Though, a few days later, we got back together. (Yes, we are together again. We're happy and in love.) With that about 5 million people asked me what happened. Frankly, it is none of your business.
__I gave my best friend Savannah (Cinsaut) all of my items. That should have been obvious. I'm tired of people still asking her about how and why she inherited all of my stuff. Here is why: because she stuck through with me since 2008, AKA my first year of being a member of this stupid society. Nobody really knows about true friendship because they're ******** and are fake and stupid and ignorant. She's about the only real person on here.. other than Nichole and Sydney.
__I love you both, just so you know.
I went off track.. lol. Anyway, in the few days that Kris and I weren't together.. I learned a lot.
Keeping it at that.
__I also realized that gaia is a really shitty, bias, ugly, and.. really, just a terrible site. It's kinda of revolting, if you ask me. That's just my opinion. I feel bad for anyone that still logs on and finds any enjoyment within this place.

__..There are so many ******** up people on here. It's gross..

__I feel like I answered a lot of questions that could have arose ever since I left. With that, I am still 100% done with this excuse for a community.. website thing. Lol.
I hope everyone eventually comes to grips that the best thing they can do is just let it go. Real life is a lot better than wasting hours of your life on such a lost cause.

__My kik is _starsies. I will reply to anyone that isn't stupid and/or fake. Albeit I know I ignored a ******** TON of people.. but god damn, I was ******** sad. Give me a break. I promise promise promiseeeeeeeee if you want to talk to me, I'll talk to ya. So don't take offense if I didn't respond to you if you have tried to contact me in those few days following Kris and I breaking up.
Begreifen Sie das? Gute Arbeit, Püppchen.

____Irrelevant but I believe Kris has pretty much left this site too. If not, he's going to be gone soon. Just so you know.
He's also mine if you didn't know that either.. stupid whores with big noses and ugly faces.. huhuh.. huhuh, huhuh. Applies to more than one whore. No, you are not that special. ******** yourselves to all of the stupid, ugly cunts that tried getting funky fresh with him.

Good luck to all of you shitheads. You'll need it if you're still on here! Lololol.. ol.

________♥, Kim