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I may talk and act like a guy but in real life they say im quite girly ._. Oh noes!
I like playing video games, pranking people, hanging out with my friends and just the normal stuff. I get lonely when I'm not doing anything... I'm the type of person that's always bored and always looking for something to do, but then I get bored easily while doing something like doing the same thing. I like to play around, people say I'm quite mischievous some who misunderstood say I'm quite a sadist, but that's not true. Really. I collect gameboys smilies/icon_smile.gif I don't like people who judge shallowly. Sometimes people say I don't like them or I'm 'detached' just cause I talk less around them or when they're talking to me, I think they just misunderstood my actions 'cause when I have little to say it means I'm just bored or that's just really what I can give to you right now, definitely no other meaning. That's it.