Cade Mistbane

Born to a clan of rabbit karvain, Cade was raised and taught the art and life style of the clan. Training his mind, hardening his body and developing skills with a sword he became one of the best warriors the clan had seen in a long while. He became so in sync with his sword he called Bulwark, which means protector, that it was as if the sword acted with its own will to protect and help Cade defend the weak and help all he could. He has left his home in the Hofflestead Mountains, that are located in the farthest Northeastern point in Griffin Wood, to hone his skills and to aid others to further his training.(more info in journal)

gerbo fleetfoot

I hail from the land of Griffin Wood. I am Gerbo a small little foothill gnome and mage(still studying my art all the time) and I have spent the last few years roaming the land, due to me losing my home and all of my clan. I am the last of the foothill gnomes that once inhabited the Black Mountains. More of my tale and other events in my life will be located in my journal.

kappi larker

I was once court jester for a mighty king, until a rather amusing limerick offended him. Then he cast me from his court and house. I have been reduced to performing in the streets and taverns. It has given me a fair living, so I continue on.(more info in journal)

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