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Welcome to my corner of the internet. My name is Dominic, and I like a lot of things, which mainly include boys, videogames, and music. Not much else to tell, so yeah. They/them pronouns please smilies/icon_heart.gif

It Was Always You Helen


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Apostolicity Report | 09/25/2013 6:05 pm
Apostolicity Report | 09/24/2013 2:04 pm
Lick My Salinity Report | 08/20/2013 8:01 pm
Lick My Salinity
I used to be " Tree-Trunkss"
I changed my username @-@
Lick My Salinity Report | 06/07/2013 9:54 am
Lick My Salinity
You haven't been online in forever gonk
Are you ok? :O?
Grotesque Passion Report | 04/15/2013 1:12 pm
Grotesque Passion
What happened? :O
Lick My Salinity Report | 04/14/2013 2:53 pm
Lick My Salinity
Oh yayz~! emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira
PEYA SAKANO Report | 04/14/2013 2:50 pm
Ikr? That's why it was so fun to talk to him. He was so retarded. XD
Lick My Salinity Report | 04/14/2013 2:48 pm
Lick My Salinity
I can see that 3nodding
Have you heard of CreepyPasta? If not then :
Lick My Salinity Report | 04/14/2013 2:34 pm
Lick My Salinity
Hehe I laughed like Mion/Shion from Higurahi.. gonk
I scared myself and my friends rofl ........I'm.....a little evil whee
PEYA SAKANO Report | 04/14/2013 2:30 pm
Global Warming. I'm so blaming it on Global Warming.