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Character's Full Real Name: Domina Mortem

Other Titles: Monster/ Demon/ Queen of the Undead/Necromancer

Affiliations: Stormwatch

Age: Unknown

Species: Half Lich

Original Race: Human.

Physical Age:20

Hair Color: White

Hair Length / Cut: Ankle Length

Skin Tone: White/Pale

Iris Color: : Blood Red

Pupil Color: Black

Sclera Color: :Black

Teeth: Fanged

Height: 6'4

Weight: 200

Marital Status: Unknown

(Made by Madame Crane.)

Voice: Low feminine voice, laced with a seductive and alluring tone.
Reflexes/speed: Quick and nimble, can react on a moments notice.


Supernatural Strength: Her strength is a hard thing to pin down as it is constantly changing. With every being she kills she grows stronger from absorbing their life force into herself. Giving her a permanent boost to her physical strength and also magical power.

Enhanced Senses and Body: Her senses of smell, hearing, and sight among other things have been drastically heightened. As a vampire can smell a drop of blood from another building so can she, as an animal can see in the dark or a vampire can see the blood pumping through ones veins, so can she.
Going hand in hand with strength, her speed and reflexes have been greatly enhanced. Often to the point where its self destructive on her body.

Necrotic Taint: All of her spells have been tainted from her necromancy. Giving them a deep purple hue and draining the life force from anything living that is exposed to it.

Magical Arts: She has vast knowledge of all things magical. Having spent countless years studying the arcane arts and mastering them. From destructive spells of conjuring fire and lightning, to powerful and more time consuming ones from summoning.
This also stems into enchantments and rune crafting which she largely uses on her own clothing and living areas.
Along with this she has been known to copy/steal the memories and knowledge from her victims through her own personal magic ability.

Advanced Regeneration: Through the studies of many beings that can heal themselves such as vampires and even some of the strange animals on her planet. Domina has infused her body with their healing factors. Allowing it to recover shattered bones, severe flesh wounds, and even lost limbs.
However her factor has been known to be slowed and even stopped from weapons crafted to counteract magic.

Transformation: Due to her body being undead itself, she can make changes to it just like she can with any of her other raised undead. Her most common changes are making bone claws with her hands or even forming wings.
Her greatest ability with this however is turning into a lich. Either being forced to turned or willingly, her magic becomes unbound in this form and amplified to unimaginable heights. Her greatest draw back, is that with her flesh all gone she is not nearly as strong and much easier to be harmed being nothing but bone.

Fashion Sense: Prefers to wear something black with purple or red

Phobias: Small tunnels, enclosed or small spaces, being underground.

Biography:(based off the future novel, Legends of Lunaris) Domina was a child prodigy when it came to magic. Born into a family with a father who was a wizard and an explorer, while her mother was a healer and in that time a Herbologist. When she was barely a teen their king had issued a silent decree to kill anyone who know of necromancy and destroy all knowledge of it. Sadly, her family was one of the first on the chopping block including herself.
Her father had been killed in front of her and she had managed to escape with her life thanks to the help of a being named Sanguis.

For the next twenty years she had undergone daily training and studying of magic but primarily necromancy. As soon as she heard why the king had killed her family she had sworn to kill him with the very art he himself had sworn to destroy. Thus leading her onto a war path against the strongest human capitol on the planet and into many other ordeals. Spoilers.

Many many years into the future she would come to lead another assault on something entirely different. Her world advancing through the ages with technology and magic they were getting ready to reach for the very stars. However, the stars had reached them first. The planet of Lunaris would visited by those from space. Quickly revealing how vulnerable and small the Lunarian's were on their planet and also forcing them to seek aid from old legends.
Domina would be dragged into the fray to fight for her planet while also cutting her own path through the stars. It is unknown if her home world had held together and survived or if she had merely hijacked a ship and ran with it. However, it is known that the original race that had attacked her planet had been progressively going extinct from something hunting them down.

Domina's world has grown very big since she had gotten the ability to travel among the stars. However one planet had always caught her interest as it seemed to be a melting pot of god like beings, meta humans, mutants, and many other strange and powerful things. This planet being, Earth.


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