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Character's Full Real Name: Domina Mortem

Other Titles: Monster/ Demon/ Queen of the Undead

Affiliations: Stormwatch

Age: Unknown

Species: Half Lich

Original Race: Human.

Physical Age:20

Hair Color: White

Hair Length / Cut: Ankle Length

Skin Tone: White/Pale

Iris Color: : Blood Red

Pupil Color: Black

Sclera Color: :Black

Teeth: Fanged

Height: 6'4

Weight: 200

(Made by Madame Crane.)

Voice: Low feminine voice, laced with a seductive and alluring tone.
Reflexes/speed: Quick and nimble, can react on a moments notice.

Physical Strength: (Hand to hand and close quarters combat is highly unrecommended with her)
Domina's strength stems a lot from the souls she absorbs from her fallen enemies. With how many many numbers she has under her belt it is unknown to what her true limitations currently are. Mostly due to her kill count increasing almost weekly. However, Domina tends to hold her strength back considerably in a fight, only using it to the appropriate degree; never wanting an easy fight.

[b]Soul Count

Lesser Beings: 5,612,800
Greater Beings: 53,000
Demonic: 3

Supernatural Abilities: She can communicate and summon the undead at will through the dark art of necromancy. She also can transform, shift, or mingle the undead together with it to her liking. Whether making a some monstrosity made of dozens of parts of the dead, human and animal alike, or just creating bigger and stronger ones.

Advanced Regenerative abilities; allowing her to recover from most wounds in less than a minute.

She has a great knowledge of the magical arts, not just restricted to her necromancy. having spent many years learning many different spells and mastering just about every branch of magic she possibly can. Only without the moral restrictions others would have.

Alternate Forms: Upon death she can transform into a lich. (Think of a skeleton) And can continue fighting or retreat so she can regain her power and life energy to regain her body. She is weaker in this form, but her magic is at its peak in it. She has also been known to make subtle changes to her own body by her own necromancy.Meaning as long as she has the parts, she can change or reform it to fit the situation at hand. Making her even more deathly efficient then ever before.

Fashion Sense: Prefers to wear something black with purple or red

Phobias: Small tunnels, enclosed or small spaces, being underground.

Sociability: Every now and again she'll run into a soul that she gets along with and will decide to befriend. However, it is known if they aren't human, she's nice right off the bat.

Manners: She doesn't care to much for what humans think, or pretends she doesn't. She can be brutal and merciless, or nice and hospitable

Sexual Orientation: Prefers women

Biography: Domina has come a long ways to when she had first picked up her first tome of the arcane art of necromancy. Her upbringing in the art had started at a perfect time, when ritualistic sacrifices were a lot more common, and the dead bodies were much easier to come by, or killing someone wasn't as hard to hide. She had quickly risen in power and in numbers, but her short sightedness had been her downfall despite her success.
Her dark practices and murders had eventually been discovered, and rather then a great battle against her small army of undead, she had been killed in her sleep, long before she could have ever mastered the ability to become a lich upon expiry. However, her magic had been influential enough to keep her tied to Earth, and live on as a spirit. Giving her the ability to learn so much more unhindered, despite her being incapable to interact with anything physical for more than a few minutes, and then taking days to be able to become physical again.

Many centuries later, she had been drawn to a young medium named Luna Liberty Marshal. Whom she had found had a very great talent for talking and interacting with spirits, and she took full advantage of the girl with this. Teaching her just enough magic to become able to fall under her influence, and eventually to be possessed by her.
The medium hadn't a clue to her plans, and due to her constant interactions with Domina, Luna had been registered as potentially dangerous and hearing voices, even acting out. Even though it was Domina messing with things in the household. Becoming locked away due to her incurable condition by her family, Domina had Luna all to herself, and when she came to age, she convinced the girl to let her in. After that, Domina assumed full control, and with the magic power strong enough within the medium, she broke out, and her first victims to her power had been the family.

A mere few months later, she had achieved the power she needed, but her lack of discretion had gotten her caught once more, and even burned at the stake by a secret organization of the vatican, but, she had achieved lichdom with her power this time, and her death had only unlocked the powers she craved so.
After this, she had grown extremely paranoid, convinced that she'd be unsafe till the whole world was turned. However, she had met a demon that called itself Luci, who had befriended her. The demon offered Domina a ring that could open a doorway to a new realm, one that was a clear slate of earth, with no life but plants it seemed.. This, had drastically changed Domina's plans, and even her state of mind having a place she could truly call safe, her sanctuary. Still, she collected numerous bodies, human and animal alike, and brought them through to study in her sanctuary, and create new undead pets to have at her disposal, as well as using their stolen life forces to grow her power.

After a few years of her mostly solitude studying, she had come up with a new army, and even started branching out from her usual necromancy. Like the ring she had gotten from Luci, how it could open a doorway to an entirely new realm. Dissecting the powers that made the ring do what it did, she had come to learn how to make new doorways, and eventually didn't need the ring at all to travel between the two worlds.
Later down the road, she had been confronted by another secret organization, one that had noticed her power and ruthless combat style, and well, the fact that she loved to fight as well. That reason being, they offered her to join a group called stormwatch, which apparently was a group that dealt with some major alien threats to the planet earth. She joined, for the only fact that she didn't want to see the planet die off, despite her disliking of humanity, and that she'd get to meet new species and beings entirely; broadening her horizons for what she could use her necromancy for.

This, had opened up endless new doors for her. Being unsupervised, she had used their technology travel through space, but her first target had been a certain alien species for a large project of hers. Given that their bodies had scales like bones, and they were very large. She had assaulted one of their ships thanks to a doorway the station could open, and with the aid of her undead pets, she slaughtered all aboard, and stole the ship. Since, she has kept the ship and completely claimed it as her own, as she hunted the other remaining ships down with the information the computers on hers had. Effectively causing a genocide of the race, which was already dying out to begin with.
After she had gotten the ship, she had spent a good few years just, exploring. This, had opened her eyes to a great many things, and even brought her desire for death and destruction down considerably. Still, it didn't stop her from causing chaos every now and again, as she still had old enemies to deal with.

After she felt confident in her own power, she realized had turned her attention to the celestial, and demonic side of the spectrum. She had tangoed with a few demons and angelic beings, even godlike beings in her time, the godlike ones of course, usually entailed in her retreat.
Learning how to create a portal to hell, she had taken her next assault to hell itself. Something that no sane person would ever consider doing. She had been met with quite a number of demons inside, yet all in all it had only been maybe a hundred or so that she actually killed. She had successfully lured out an arch demon after assaulting its side of hell. Domina had fought it head on, and eventually defeated it. Allowing her to drain its power for her own. Which bolstered her knowledge of the demonic greatly from it, and making her more resistant to their powers. However, her main goal had been its mind, so she could create a hive mind to aid in commanding her armies without her needing to be present

Her next feet after doing this, was returning to earth a year or so later after planning, and assaulting the vatican directly. Only giving them a weeks warning in advanced, to try and draw their forces in to fight her, and it worked. Her undead horde had easily overrun them despite their experiences in dealing with undead, but they had never faced anything like her creations. After her armies crushed the smaller forces, she had been faced off with one Paladin named Gabrial Nightshade. Who was a special warrior that could be granted the power of an archangel when facing great evil.
This fight had certainly been her greatest, and she had even come close to being killed a few times, but in the end, she had somehow managed to overpower Gabrial, and killed him. Taking his life force, and while not getting angelic knowledge, she did gain the arch angels power. While she had gained the powers of both, she had also gained the weaknesses, even if in lesser forms.


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Seras_xx_Victoria Report | 08/25/2015 5:52 am
A ton of stuff had came up during the last two weeks, after i got back from my friends. They offered me to stay over next to them, that they also owned. The houses are actually connected with each other. But the place needed a lot of work done, before i could move my things in to live there. Been back and fourth, and hadn't much time to spare. To come on here and play.

But the good news is that i am almost finished with their help on the place to move in...

The Bad... Well... Likely won't have any time until this upcoming **MONDAY** -TUESDAY- Next week... Will be getting the U-hall truck to move my crap over on Sunday. SO most likely should be there around then. And can bum their wifi until i can get wi-fi reactivated turned on over there at the new place.

Just while i had the chance, thought to write you and let you know what's up. Before heading back over to paint... Painting the halls and rooms the last couple of days... Just need to get the last bedroom and living room and we are finished, other then moving my things over and setting everything up.

Hope to hear from you soon'ish, and to -RP- here from my new headquarters.
Yrra Cynril Report | 08/16/2015 9:06 pm
Yrra Cynril
ninja Hi!
Seras_xx_Victoria Report | 08/10/2015 12:01 pm
I personally just got back from my friends... But don't got much time... getting things together to stay over there place until WEDNESDAY... Little vacation, need get my clothes to spend the night...

We can time skip and do the next night on our story on THURSDAY. Definitely...

I will tell you everything that happened then, if you would like me too. In between posts or as we play on the 13th...

I will miss you and be thinking of ideas, as i am stuck over my friends...

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Miss Mockery Report | 08/08/2015 11:31 pm
Miss Mockery
Go ahead
Miss Mockery Report | 08/08/2015 11:00 pm
Miss Mockery
Oh well whoever you want i will think of someone to use since both ky and lisa are being used
Miss Mockery Report | 08/08/2015 10:43 pm
Miss Mockery
I dont mind really
Miss Mockery Report | 08/08/2015 9:53 pm
Miss Mockery
Sure i suppose
Seras_xx_Victoria Report | 08/04/2015 4:46 pm
heart heart heart heart

Just showing your page much love before i head to sleepy times, look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Can't wait. smile

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Miss Mockery Report | 08/03/2015 6:18 pm
Miss Mockery
Tired but ok
Miss Mockery Report | 08/03/2015 6:16 pm
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How you doing?











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