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Character's Full Real Name: Domina Mortem

Other Titles: Monster/ Demon/ Queen of the Undead

Age: Unknown

Species: Half Lich

Original Race: Human.

Physical Age:20

Hair Color: White

Hair Length / Cut: Ankle Length

Skin Tone: White/Pale

Iris Color: : Blood Red

Pupil Color: Black

Sclera Color: :Black

Teeth: Fanged

Height: 6'4

Weight: 200

(Made by Madame Crane.)

Voice: Low feminine voice, laced with a seductive and alluring tone.

Reflexes/speed: Quick and nimble, can react on a moments notice.

Physical Strength: (Hand to hand and close quarters combat is highly unrecommended with her)
Domina's strength stems a lot from the souls she absorbs from her fallen enemies, each in which are added to her own power, and then added into the weaving of her power to bolster its strength and durability. Here, we will use a system of one to ten, each level simply bolstering hers times the number it stands for. So if its in the one, it'll increase her strength and power by one of her own self. If its in ten, then it'll increase her power ten times from normal. (Her original scaling of strength on a normal graph would have equaled a 7 of ten.) However, Domina tends to hold her strength back considerably in a fight, only using it to the appropriate degree; never wanting an easy fight.


Supernatural Abilities: She can communicate and summon the undead at will through the dark art of necromancy. She also can transform, shift, or mingle the undead together with it to her liking, whether making a some monstrosity made of dozens of parts of the dead, human and animal alike, or just creating bigger and stronger ones. With her necromancy and her lichdom, she can also steal and absorb the souls of others to add to her own power, or to use them for animations of the undead to create stronger ones or lesser ones depending on how many souls or how strong the soul. This allows her to expand her influence without draining any of her own power.
She also has advance regenerative abilities after doing extensive experimenting to create the perfect self recovering body, and possessed it for herself. Making her capable of taking most bullet and blade wounds and recovering from them within a few seconds, however, holy or blessed weapons will still slow down the process.
Her body is also adaptable by her own necromancy, meaning as long as she has the parts, she can change or reform it to fit the situation at hand, making her even more deathly efficient then ever before

Alternate Forms: Upon death she can transform into a lich. (Think of a skeleton) And can continue fighting or retreat so she can regain her power and life energy to regain her body. She is weaker in this form, but her magic is at its peak in it. (Also just about any necromancer can take this form after years of experience, so not just making this one up.) She has also been known to make subtle changes to her own body and skeletal structure through her necromancy, as her body is undead. Lile extending her fingertips bones into claws.

Fashion Sense: Prefers to wear something black with purple or red, while also favoring wearing as little as possible

Psychiatric Problems: Most would say that she is somewhat insane, or totally insane, or a mad brutal genius. Clearly has a few mental issues, but not diagnosed

Phobias: Small tunnels, enclosed or small spaces, being underground.

Sociability: Every now and again she'll run into a soul that she gets along with and will decide to befriend. However, it is known if they aren't human, she's nice right off the bat. Also a huge flirt, mostly hitting on other women.

Outlook: Sees the world as her playground and people as tools and also parts for her creations and experimentations. Almost nothing is seen as sacred or pure in her eyes, everything has an evil in it or is evil, while she will admit there is good, she knows there's always evil lingering somewhere within a persons soul, that will someday grow and consume them once the right thing is done to awaken it. She also prefers to surround herself with the undead and often daydreams of the whole world being an undead one.

Manners: She doesn't care to much for what humans think, or pretends she doesn't. She can be brutal and merciless, or nice and hospitable. Depending on her mood. She can also be a VERY flirty and playful a lot of the time.

Sexual Orientation: Prefers women
Marital Status: Unlikely

Biography:Currently unknown[/b]


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Sunny Solar3 Report | 10/24/2014 7:40 am
Sunny Solar3
Ah, well which would you like me to play? Or maybe we could just start a new one with a new character? It's up to you whee
Sunny Solar3 Report | 10/23/2014 7:59 pm
Sunny Solar3
I can't say I remember that one at all sweatdrop But we can certainly do it! You'll just have to remind me XD
Sunny Solar3 Report | 10/23/2014 2:32 pm
Sunny Solar3
Aww heart
Sunny Solar3 Report | 10/23/2014 2:28 pm
Sunny Solar3
Lol nice
Sunny Solar3 Report | 10/23/2014 2:25 pm
Sunny Solar3
Sunny Solar3 Report | 10/23/2014 2:20 pm
Sunny Solar3
Very cute ^.^
iBlindside Report | 10/19/2014 7:27 pm
he was rather flustered and her or anyonepaying him any mind at all was a surprising first for him. he had raised a hand as if to shield his eyes as he reached forward to find his glasses and carefully but quicklyput them back on, he took up his cane once more and slung his bag. ack over his sboulder. "aye, not just rude, but ignorant, lass. " he paused " a vrand majority. here are uneducated, ignorant assholes" he spome rather blunt as he seemingly looked over at her. " much appreciative, ma'am." he added " do you always talk to strange blind men?"
Sunny Solar3 Report | 10/17/2014 2:51 pm
Sunny Solar3
Okay have fun
iBlindside Report | 10/14/2014 6:38 pm
ein was sensitive to her majestic presence and that of her familiar, her foot falls echoing for a long moment as she walked past him. turning his head to follow her as she walked by, for once he came a cross a presence that made him curious. he was not too knowledgable but was aware of where she came from, ein sat back a moment in deep thought a brief moment before he sat forward again and rose to his feet and taking up his walking cane in hand and preceded to continue on in her direction. homework can wait.
he had no plan, improvisation was always a key component for him.
he was fine until the sudden surge in the afternoon crowd jostled him and felt as though it had tossed him around like a bean bag. a feeling that he was sure he was thrown off course and in being blind, it had alarmed him quite a bit.
one gentle man bumped into him and pushed him unintentially hard enough so he tripped over someone elses foot. with a shout of surprise he landed on the open side walk, messanger bag, books , cane and sunglasses askew. he curse as he sat up and reached out before him trying to feel out his dropped belongings first...
oh what luck he seemed to be having today..
iBlindside Report | 10/13/2014 10:41 pm
* have i told you i love you lately? heart *

ein unaware except for the fact that the inhabitants of london seemed much more he carefully navigated the crowed, his cane and hand, as he was led mostly by the sound vibratons richocheting off the nearest obsticals. his book bag slung over his shoulder, oblivious to these new visitors. what would any one ever want with an ornery blind man? however, he had turned and stopped in on e of the small. sensing a new and diferent presence made him stop and in their general direction, sensing it not far off. ein sat down on a nearby bench to rest a moment.

*aah im.sorry im rustyyyyyyy * gropes*

















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