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Character's Full Real Name: Luna Liberty Marshal

Other Titles: Domina Mortem / Demon/ Queen of the Undead

Age: 1/13/1980

Species: Half Lich

Original Race: Human.

Physical Age:20

Hair Color: Domina: White/Luna:Black

Hair Length / Cut: Ankle length

Skin Tone: White/Pale

Iris Color: Domina: Blood Red/Luna: Pale Blue

Pupil Color: Black

Sclera Color: Domina:Black/Luna:White

Teeth: Fanged

Height: 5'8

Weight: 120

(Made by Madame Crane.)

Voice: Low feminine voice, laced with a seductive and alluring tone.

Reflexes/speed: Quick and nimble, can react on a moments notice.

Physical Strength: (Hand to hand and close quarters combat is highly unrecommended with her)
Domina's strength stems a lot from the souls she absorbs from her fallen enemies, each in which are added to her own power, and then added into the weaving of her power to bolster its strength and durability. Here, we will use a system of one to ten, each level simply bolstering hers times the number it stands for. So if its in the one, it'll increase her strength and power by one of her own self. If its in ten, then it'll increase her power ten times from normal. (Her original scaling of strength on a normal graph would have equaled a 7 of ten.) However, Domina tends to hold her strength back considerably in a fight, only using it to the appropriate degree; never wanting an easy fight.


Supernatural Abilities: She can communicate and summon the undead at will through the dark art of necromancy. She also can transform, shift, or mingle the undead together with it to her liking, whether making a some monstrosity made of dozens of parts of the dead, human and animal alike, or just creating bigger and stronger ones. With her necromancy and her lichdom, she can also steal and absorb the souls of others to add to her own power, or to use them for animations of the undead to create stronger ones or lesser ones depending on how many souls or how strong the soul. This allows her to expand her influence without draining any of her own power.

Alternate Forms: Upon death she can transform into a lich. (Think of a skeleton) And can continue fighting or retreat so she can regain her power and life energy to regain her body. She is weaker in this form, but her magic is at its peak in it. (Also just about any necromancer can take this form after years of experience, so not just making this one up.) She has also been known to make subtle changes to her own body and skeletal structure through her necromancy, as her body is undead. Lile extending her fingertips bones into claws.

Scars / Deformities: A three inch scar just over her heart on her chest and back; a sign of a full clean cut through.

Tattoos: She has strange purple markings that run along her entire body except for her left arm. They also glow whenever she uses her magic.

Fashion Sense: Generally wears dark tattered clothing, and always has to have some sort of skull on her form somewhere; which is rather cliches but she likes that with her look. And isn't one to show much of her skin, if not dressing tomboyish she wears scarfs or capes to cover her arms and neck.

Psychiatric Problems: Most would say that she is somewhat insane, or totally insane, or a mad brutal genius. She has two sides to her, Jekyll and Hyde in a way. Her normal more human side where she'll act like any other person to a degree, and her other one is where shes a deranged lunatic who does about whatever she wants and feels like doing and will try and take down anyone who does try to stop her. She chooses which one to act by, which one to give control. While she does claim to hear voices and people talking to her, there really just spirits and souls that follow her or have been absorbed into her that talk and whisper to her. They often guide her or serve as the angel and demon on her shoulders telling her what to do.

Phobias: Small tunnels, enclosed or small spaces, being underground.

Sociability: She's generally a loner and doesn't get along with people and does her best to avoid them unless she's into a new experiment or has new ideas on something to make. Every now and again she'll run into a soul that she gets along with and will decide to befriend, but that's always a maybe since she might decide they're arm, leg, or even heart or spleen would make a nice new addition to one of her creations. However, it is known if they aren't human, she's nice right off the bat,.

Outlook: Sees the world as her playground and people as tools and also parts for her creations and experimentations. Almost nothing is seen as sacred or pure in her eyes, everything has an evil in it or is evil, while she will admit there is good, she knows there's always evil lingering somewhere within a persons soul, that will someday grow and consume them once the right thing is done to awaken it. She also prefers to surround herself with the undead and often daydreams of the whole world being an undead one.

Manners: She doesn't care to much for what humans think, or pretends she doesn't. She can be brutal and merciless, or nice and hospitable. Depending on her mood. She can also be a little flirty and playful a lot of the time.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Marital Status: In a relationship

Biography: A tragic and twisted tale is that of Luna's early life. She was the youngest in the family of four. She was brought up into a rich and wealthy family, greedy, gluttonous, and cold hearted to. However, to the public eye they were respected and well known, their private lives unknown. Her father was rather large, and had a vicious appetite and indulged in anything he could. Ge took pride in his wealth and the things he had. Her mother was greedy heartless. Caring only for herself and how she looked, she was in fact a true beauty though, and she was proud of it. Her brother was well built, very strong but not to bright. He took pride in his strength and how well toned he was. They all had one major thing in common however, they all despised Luna, for she was different. She was born with a dark power and she acted strangely. She could see and speak to the dead, and one day one of the maids spotted her talking to them, of course she was much older and to old to have imaginary friends; and how she held conversations and got into arguments and the like didn't help. The family didn't know what she was like until then, discovering this they had bribed the maid handsomely to keep quiet while have a shrink see what was wrong. Luna was registered insane, and should be sent to an asylum, however that would cost them money, money they didn't want to spend. So, they payed the man to keep quiet as well and kept Luna caged like an animal with in her own home. Having nothing but a bed and a bared window for her room now. She was called a disgrace and if anyone knew it would harm their reputation. From that day on she was beaten and abused by her brother physically, scorned and tormented mentally and spiritually by her mother, and ill-nurtured and punished of all possessions from her father. Luna often spoke to the spirits and the undead however, and she learned much about herself and her powers as they were her only company. It was like this for her for a very long time, until one day a new butler, as we will say. Had been hired and brought food to Luna one day, now Luna was a looker then to and she easily captivated him and managed to get him wrapped around her finger. One day she asked for a sewing kit from one of her mothers rooms, and a sharp pair of scissors. The man did as requested and brought them to her. Once she got a hold of the scissors, she slit the mans throat, took the keys and the sewing kit, and moved to her brothers room. When she first barged in the brother was furious and was about to beat her to near death getting out of her room and then tell his parents, that was until, he saw the bloody pair of scissors; and the lingering cloud of spirits and demons cackling and swirling behind her. Before her brother could scream she quickly silenced him, and for the first time, she used her powers to create her very first minion. Moving to her mothers quarters she had snuck crept up behind the woman and stabbed her from behind and through the heart. Knowing her mother held a gun in her nightstands drawer, she took it and went to her fathers study. She didn't kill him right away, at gun point, she brought him to the bodies of her brother and mother before telling him her plans. "You're insane." Those were his last words. She then mercilessly killed the rest of the people in the house before doing her work. Her brother was turned into a lich, a skeleton; her guardian Alphonse. The only remnants of what he was is his height and strength. Her mother, with a few pieces of the household, was turned into an undead arachnid, once beautiful and elegant, now a giant monstrosity whose beauty only Luna could see. Her father, was turned into the abomination, a large glob made of flesh and bone, and various limps and pieces of people or the household. Her father hadn't changed at all really, still the glutton he was in his past life. And so is the tale of Luna, who moved on from her home and went out into a world she didn't know, laws she didn't understand, people who confused her, and places she wanted to explore. And always leave a trail of blood wherever she goes. Carrying a new name with her as well, Domina Mortem, Lady Death.[/b]


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