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Occupation: Physical Therapist ~~$taLkin€ _y0u

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All About me>_< <3

I love my friends, and Anime, and Dolphins, and family, and all shades of the color BLUE>_<*
*I play the Flute!
Cause Woodwinds kick Brass!
^ ^
Yes! I will admit I am just OCD enough to do this.

I am currently searching for true love and believe i have found it or close enough...

*echoing voice in the distance yelling*


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LOL ya i'm kinda a dork but i'm a lovable dork. --WITH KNOWLEDGE!--
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What type of Fae are you?

My Dream Avatar!
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Total Value: 3,841,025 Gold
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Item List:
Fallen Wish 5th Gen.
White Solar Flare Belly Tattoo
Antarctic White Polyester Pants
Cool Starter Ninja Shirt
Inari\'s Beads
Inari\'s Beads
Inari\'s Beads
Inari\'s Beads
Enchanted Book
Oculus Mythica

I only have : Cool Ninja Starter Shirt,

My other dream avi
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Total Value: 1,843,670 Gold
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Item List:
Marine Neck Ribbon
Green Tribal Left Arm Tattoo
Padmavati\'s Lotus 9th Gen.
Verdant Jungle Glamorous Pumps
Ritzy Green Feather Fascinator
Coocoon (5th Gen)
Spring Nymph
Gogh Reed 12th Gen.
Gogh Reed 12th Gen.
Spring Nymph
Spring Nymph
Spring Nymph

--------------------------------------YAY RANDOM PROFILES!!!!!----------------------------------
(Bleach rp)
RP Name: Aoimizu Yasakororo
Age: 19* looks 14
Gender: female
Sexuality: open* no one interests her/ but is "friendly" to all
Squad: Squad 2: Punishment Force
Element: Water
Energy Color: Flowing Cerulean-Blue
Species: Shinigami
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 532 lbs* (she is skinny= all muscle mass)
Hair: ankle-long and cerulean blue and changes her hairstyle daily
Eyes: icy blue and bright normally, changes with mood though
Abilities: Healing, all Kido, can use Bankai
Clothing: cropped captain's cloak with ever-changing preppy outfits
Shikai trigger: Flow!

Sealed form: Bakufu
Detail- french style sword. Very simple. Good balence. "internal mind" form is a [url= Girls/Sira-1.jpg]water sprite named Bakufu.[/url]
Picture- [url= Girls/sword.jpg]Bakufu --sealed (with Aoimizu)[/url]

Shikai form/name: Ikazuchi-Bakufu
Detail- is a light blue hue/ not the dark from the picture. Also it enhances her speed and has a paralyzing film-like liquid on the blade that can fall off in a fight and fall into an attacker's eyes or open wound.
Picture- This sword * ... * ignore the girl

Bankai form/name: Shinzui-Bakufu
Detail- This form is more of a light blue mist, the sword completely 'melts' into mist for this form. It attacks kinda like Zenbon-sakura. it becomes almost microscopic beads of mist and attacks by moving so fast it cuts through some armor and skin.
Picture- [url= hair/Bigstaff.jpg]This is Aoimizu-serious mood- in her Bankai transform-minus the staff.[/url]

(human background)= raped and killed at 19-doesn't remember anything else
Background:Found on the streets of Rukon after 'human' death. Realized to have had talents of soul, placed in training acadamy. Then after passing the long course in only 2 weeks, she was placed into the 4th squad_became Lieutenant after Hollow invasion, proving herself a master of healing and offensive arts- She quit the 4th squad when offered captain of the Punishment Force. She is a rookie captain, just starting out, but has the respect of the force she commands already.
Personality: Bubbly and fun. When in a fight she toys with them unless given kill orders. Sadistic with enemies. Loves water and pasteries. Acts like a 'Lady'. (think Renaissance)
Weapons: Zanpakto, poison senbon, paralyzing powder, and reverse healing techniques, (in Bankai her outfit has hidden assaination weapons)

Played by: Dolphina_Cerulean
no stealing!~

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Pandassassin Report | 07/08/2011 10:45 am
Yes. Yes we do... I really want to use Dokumi again. xD
Pandassassin Report | 07/06/2011 3:44 pm
Man we still haven't planned our anime day! OTL
Pandassassin Report | 06/05/2011 10:28 am
iiViscous_Vixenii Report | 09/16/2010 1:48 pm
hey gurl hey lol
iiViscous_Vixenii Report | 09/16/2010 1:23 pm
ramenana Report | 08/19/2010 10:23 am
Thanks :3
NireFang Report | 08/13/2010 3:22 am
lol i usually eat the orange ones fires then all the rest leaving the red ones for later enjoyments~
NireFang Report | 08/08/2010 7:31 am
Allo there~ nice profile and are those gummy bears O.o -is certainly getting hungry-
Jedi Master Acey Report | 07/17/2010 6:04 pm
Heeeyyyy there
I'm not gonna accept your friend request because I don't accept friend request in the first place. I wait until I'm comfortable enough to personally send them out. So when you and me get a little closer to the point where we're actually friends, I'll send you one. Be patient.
Dolphina_Cerulean Report | 07/17/2010 5:09 pm
I got a nymph.
What type of Fae are you?
Kept telling you all I was...


You wanna take us on?!

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