So I'm not that great introducing myself, I'll say that first of all. >////<

    Though my name is Michelle, and it's a pleasure to meet anyone. >‿◕
    I'll state that I'm almost twenty-one, I get that question a lot. ◕/////◕;

    There tends to be times where, I'm not on Gaia for quite awhile.
    That's because I do love my job, being a chef. ᵔᴥᵔ
    And there's some other little hobbies of mine, tanning, long boarding, swimming, and socializing.ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ

    I adore many things in my life, like friends and family.
    Apple products and shoes are a small addiction. ¬‿¬
    I love amusement, so if you can make me laugh, I already like you~

    But be warned though, I tolerate humour, not immaturity. „Ծ‸Ծ„
    And believe in a good back bone and work ethic, so begging is disregarded. ︶︹︺

    If you have the desire to contact me,
    let it be through message or profile comments. ôヮô
    Either way I will note it, and reply~

    Appreciations for stopping by! ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ



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Love your avi! can you please tell me what your hair is called?
Tuberculosis Bill

Report | 07/30/2014 12:01 am

Tuberculosis Bill

Oh it's cool
I know how that goes 3nodding

Convenience is nice
But I think it's going to hurt us more than anything
Probably already is =

Yup! Southeast by the Smokies
I love it. It's so pretty and peaceful
Tuberculosis Bill

Report | 07/29/2014 2:56 am

Tuberculosis Bill

That's a lot of dedication for sure.
How's it all going for you?

My family loves to cook
Makes thanksgiving and holidays amazing emotion_drool
One of the pluses of living in the south.
Although, I gotta admit that I do tend to cook less for myself
And go the easy route. sweatdrop
And you're right. Cooking really isn't a big thing anymore as it once was.
Everything is becoming convenient.
Tuberculosis Bill

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Tuberculosis Bill

Oh, well, thank you!

I bet that's the tough part. Getting the word out to people.
I wouldn't even know where to start.

Well, I like food. lol
Mom went to culinary school and became a personal chef for people in our area for awhile
Then she was a manager for a catering company for a long time
And then dad always loved cooking at home and experimenting with different recipes.
Adding his own touches to them and such.

I just find it interesting too. :nod:
Plus I've always enjoyed watching cooking shows
And cooking competitions like Top Chef or Master Chef
Tuberculosis Bill

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Tuberculosis Bill

This was a bad conversation choice at 5 in the morning
Now I'm starving emotion_drool

Wanting to open up your own restaurant
Or just enjoy cooking?
Tuberculosis Bill

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Tuberculosis Bill

Oh geez
Steak heaven emotion_drool emotion_drool

Self taught or culinary school?
Tuberculosis Bill

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Tuberculosis Bill


Favorite dish?
Tuberculosis Bill

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Tuberculosis Bill

Sweet or savory chef?


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