Dolce Rogue



So, after 5 years, I have filed a ticket to close my account. I have nothing else left here, I've met the people I needed to, and I get no real benefit from logging in. I'd rather walk away on my own than getting banned because a basic b***h got me mad, plus I need to kick the force of habit and just get rid of Gaia altogether.

All my items are staying with me. I'm not donating stuff because I'm a greedy b***h tbh lol. Also, I am not leaving any contact info because I am not dragging Gaia onto more personal sites. I'm so sorry but I'd rather have it this way.

However, I'm leaving the link to my tumblr, you know, in case you have one and want to follow me there.

I'm leaving my profile info up, in case you still want to know a quick summary about me or something.

And, because I'm corny as s**t, I'm leaving you a farewell song:
Clickity Click Clack Clock

It was a fun ride, you guys. Thank you for everything.

Dolce out emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif

❤ Dolce [pronounced doll-cheh]
❤ I'm 21 22
❤ I'm from Mexico. Like, actually living in Mexico
❤ I speak Spanish, English and French
❤ I like cute things
❤ I love the universe
❤ I also like fashion
❤ I honestly don't know what else to say about me lol

You can follow me on ❤ tumblr ❤
I post pretty stuff and things about the universe