Hiya ! I'm Mary. I'm just going to put the basics, and what I find interesting about myself.
-Junior in Highschool
-In an open relationship with my love, Daniel. We're open because we're young and wanna suck d**k. We're both whores. heart 7.31.16 heart
-Bisexual Heteroromantic (sexually to male and female, romantically to the opposite gender. my boyfriend is also this)
-I have a lot of medical issues, including Short Term Memory loss. Please bare with me.
-Going to be Business Management major (I want to own a dessert bar ((a bakery with alcohol)) )
-Literate Roleplayer/Writer (I have my own fantasy world and a collection of characters)
-Photo Editor
-As stated in my signature, I love BDSM. I've been a BDSM enthusiast for around seven years, and when you do the math, yes, I was young. Back then I was curious as of what it was, and when I learned more about it I came to appreciate it. Here I am, still loving it. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to message me about it.
-I'm a whore for Stephen King and George R. R. Martin, and I also really love Darren Shan
-I speak German & English
-My god do I ******** LOVE drag queens
-I love all types of music, my favorite bands are Muse and Marina & The Diamonds
-I'm related to Elvis Presely
-I love bears, strawberries and puns, hence my nickname of StrawBEARy
-I've been on gaia since '09
-I'm 5'2", I'm short !
-I love pink & brown, and go for the kawaii baby girl aesthetic, though I love and have a punk rock aesthetic as well
-I play League of Legends; Na Server; add Lewd Lulu
-My favorite video game is the Dishonored series, and I have the collectors edition for the second one with Corvo's mask and everything
-I obviously find myself pretty interesting

There's so much more about me, so if you wanna learn, befriend me! I love everyone!