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gaia_angelleft hi everyone gaia_kittenstar
comment me

also i emotion_bigheart dedepi





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missss u ilym heart

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ya ur lucky

girls here dont play lots of games and if they do, they play those girly ones or the rpg ones
western girls have more gamers i thinkk
i shud just move either to EU or to US

i have a few who still go on here but i never talk to them on here lmao im always flying solo on gaya
but yeah gaia is boring. i dont do anything besides spam threads. my last change was lke 573 days ago


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loool gluck find a gamer so u can date at bot lane
i gave up finding a support bae cries

rofl in EU im sure there are lots of hot ppl. in ph we're so average looking lmao
they usually stop talkin or the convo is just 2 boring

i only been on tinder since i went to hk cuz my friend who's a girl went to HK and she was toured by a guy she met on tinder so she left her grp and went with the guy and she got to see more cool places. i signed up on tinder on day 2 on HK to see if i can find someone who can tour me lmao ever since then idk i didnt quit tinder

does ur 2 bffs still go on here??? k babez hasnt logged on 4 awhile now

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ya i guess loll
so u datin someone new now then?

and ya we'll see. im talkin 2 her rn actually
how many guys u met on tinder?? r u a tinder pro db
u probs get lots of superlikes and matches

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yea but this girl is still hurt from her recent break up

anddidnt u have one b4 cuz i remember u telling me u did

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no lolll
she said she wants 2 hangout sometime tho
but yeah maybe if we become good friends

dont u have a bf

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its ok i met a cool girl we talkin on viber lol

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lol shes the one who asked 4 my fb but idk rofl
i know her yrs ago cuz she spams lots. shes decent lookin but ehh

but ya come 2 cb wit me i make lots of dumb threads on there rofl

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ok well
i never log on here anymore

the only reason i did cuz i was on tinder and i saw a fkin cber on fkin tinder lmao

i recognize the face and i check her insta and yep ik her username she uses same one on gaia so i go back on gaia and comment her rofl shes the next comment on u but idk. ik her on cb cuz she spams lots too. its just interesting finding a cber on fkin tinder lmao. altho i couldnt swipe her cuz tinder has a new feature where u swipe a whole grp but u can swipe them if ur not with a grp too but ya i think im back on cb again lol. come spam threads wit me blaugh


beautiful art from pantec ![/size:39b40fb8c6]
i made a [b:39b40fb8c6]crush[/b:39b40fb8c6] page so uh
[b:39b40fb8c6]quest: angelic halo 10bil/3tril emo
pink pink pink