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Name: Doctor Vifo Vya
Age: 45
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 185 pounds
Notable Features: His skin at times becomes translucent and you can see his skull or certain parts of it.
Vifo Vya's family line goes back to a powerful tribe of voodoo witchdoctors in africa. In the 17-1800s, they used their knowledge of the dark arts to avoid capture from slave "recruiters" and flourished for generations. in the early 1900's His grandfather, Mother, Father and what remained of their dark tribe moved to America to New Orleans where Vifo Vya was born and raised. He followed his families traditions and studied the dark arts and voodoo, but was never up to par with the great Witch Doctors in his family. For years he ran a Tarot Card Reading booth and voodoo trinket shop in New Orleans. One day he stumbled upon his Great grandfather's old journal. The Journal spoke of two of the most powerful Relics his ancestors possessed. The Damu Diamond, a diamond turned blood red from the blood of tortured souls, this jewel amplifies the dark power a witch doctor possesses ten fold. The other was the Jewel of Ibilisi, a powerful relic that allows its users control over the dead. Vifo searched for months and finally found these items, hidden in the grave of his Grandfather. With the power of these relics now in his hands, Vifo's connection to dark magic and control of it was more powerful then it could ever have been. However, over time the Jewels have twisted Vifo Vya's already fragile mind into something dark and twisted. For years he would use his powers and hordes of undead to kill and steal, before being called to a higher purpose by being placed in the Ranks of the Dark Templars. Vifo Vya acts as the head consultant of sorcery and magic in the Dark Templars.

Powers and Abilities:
Left-Handed Voodoo:
Vifo Vya is a master of Left-Handed Voodoo (the dark and stereotypical side of voodoo magic) with it he can do almost anything, ranging from seeing glimpses of the future, control of shadows (specifically his own), energy projection, to transmutation. And with the Damu Diamond, which Vifo Vya wear's on a cravat around his neck, his power is amplified X10. He is by far the most Powerful Witch Doctor in his Families tribe in all of its history.

Control of the Dead:
With the Jewel of Ibilisi, which Vifo Vya has attached at the end of his staff, The Doctor can reanimated corpses and have them do his bidding. These undead creatures feel no pain, do not think, and have no emotions, they simply follow their summoner's orders. The creatures are very difficult to kill, only the destruction or removal of the brain will kill them. This has proven useful when the Dark Templars are in need of short term expendable troops.

Silver Tongue:
No weapon in the doctor's arsenal is more dangerous than his silver tongue. Doctor Vifo Vya has used this to lie and cheat many people, usually by promising people their greatest desires. But these are always half-truths. For example, Vifo once told a prince that he foresaw him becoming "a monumental figure that all would admire and adore." When the prince asked him to make it so, Vifo Vya turned him into a stone statue.

Damu Diamond
Jewel of Ibilisi
voodoo dolls


Extremely reliant on the relics:

Some of Vifo Vya's most dangerous magic comes from the Damu Diamond and Jewle of Ibilisi. While the relics cannot be destroyed, if they are taken from him, he loses the powers they give him.


Even though his powers make him seem to be other worldly, Vifo is still just a human. Knives and gunfire can harm him if you can manage ti hit him with them.

In Debt to the Devil:

While the ancient voodoo relics are of his families making, their power comes from arcane demons from the deepest depths of the abyss. Having them in his control leaves Vifo Vya in eternal debt to these demons; a debt he will eventually need to pay for, whether with his life or someone else's. Eventually he will need to give his life and his Demonic ally, Akuma Hirushima, intends to see he keeps his end of the bargain.


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Cecilia Reyez Report | 01/04/2013 8:43 am
Cecilia Reyez
User Image

An optical illusion formed just beside the side of his face that appeared skeletal as she whispered directly into his ear. Whether he saw the optical illusion or not it mattered not. "I'm not here to impress you..." The whisper lingered as she the illusion moved away from his side and appeared to walk on water away from him disappearing from sight. "If you decide on venturin' forwards, by all means. Feel free to do so. Everyone else does...." Over by one of the swamp trees covered in moss began to lift up and sway like a long mane of dark colored hair. Swaying branches being brushed up and away from the middle allowing emerald colored eyes to be seen. "Voodoo master?" She cackled in a fit of laughter. Laughter that echoed between the trees, that bounced off in different directions. "I've seen many who've claimed dat title and yet no one has truly mastered dat 'round dese parts. Wanna be folk think dey know de magic 'ere. Dey know nothin'. If you too claim as much, den by all means. You take up de damned stick on de boat an guide yourself. You need not some innocent fool to trek in unknown waters when he be afraid n' de first place o' comin' 'ere! And dese waters? Dey ain't yours, as much as you'd like to claim ownership to 'em. You 'ave no right to claim what isn't yours. De land belong to oh so many souls. Dey be constantly watchin' dese waters like I do.... Turn back now to your land of hocus pocus, card reading an' paintin' hands in fortune. Dat is where it is safe... out 'ere? Only de strongest survive." The parting of tree branches stopped as the vision of eyes vanished from sight. The normal sounds of the swamp began to chirp back to life leaving the boat man still sound asleep and his rider out there alone.
Cecilia Reyez Report | 01/03/2013 9:33 am
Cecilia Reyez
Whispers surrounding the boat began to come and go as they pleased now. "Now that I have your attention..." the voice sounded raspy due to the wind carrying the messages. "Why are you here?" The swamp witch had an idea as to why he was there. She wanted to hear from his lips as to why he had decided it was best to harass her. Since she had caused no harm to anyone....yet.
Cecilia Reyez Report | 01/02/2013 11:47 am
Cecilia Reyez
User Image

The sun was starting to get lower in the sky as the day passed on. Night time creatures were just waiting for that heated circle to melt away from the horizon so that they might come out to play and toy with any new visitors that had brought some spite of courage to bay. The weeping willows branches swayed back and forth in the passing breeze, which appeared to give off a calming sense to those who may have started to show signs of fear. But it made one wonder, where the trees actually calming? Or were they possibly lulling someone to venture forth towards a place to rest. "Sleep... you want to sleep...." Voices whispered between the chirping of grasshoppers and toads. The insects and amphibian song called out to the boat man who began to reek of fear. To sleep and rest easy. Without having a worry in the world but to rest, while the surrounding nature around them would attempt to lull the boat driver to a restful, unharmed state of sleep.
Grandmaster Jugram Report | 01/02/2013 11:05 am
Grandmaster Jugram
Well I did reply to you in fact stating what happened, but its the past and its whatever
Kent Nelson--Dr Fate Report | 01/02/2013 9:05 am
Kent Nelson--Dr Fate
(You are very much welcome, He is a very interesting character, I look forward to rping with you in the near future)
Grandmaster Jugram Report | 01/01/2013 5:14 pm
Grandmaster Jugram
And did you receive my replies to any of those messages, and gaia most likely have nothing to do with those issues, it may be the poor connection I had during that time due to the college not having proper internet access at the time being
Kent Nelson--Dr Fate Report | 01/01/2013 12:06 pm
Kent Nelson--Dr Fate
(Very nice bio and powers section, I like how you made this character)
Cecilia Reyez Report | 12/30/2012 9:20 pm
Cecilia Reyez
Already preoccupied with other transgressors within her midst. The Swamp Witch could already sense another intruder. Using a spell from necromancy, the witch could see through the eyes of a dead carcass of a lizard. Once upon a time it had laid out there to sunbathe, now in the stages of decomposing, the lizard continued to lay upon a log half submerged in the waters. The floating log, bogged up and down in the water like a cork. With every wake made in the water, the log bobbed. Watching from afar for the witch's own reasoning, she wanted to see who all wanted to venture here. "What draws these fools out to de bayou? So many people comin' out 'ere to try out their luck." A dark cackle, hissed along the surface of the water. As the witch's eyes emitted an eerie green glow upon the dead lizard's pale irises. Snuffing out what life she had drawn to the creature as she shook her head slowly to the sides. "Fools, want to try their luck? By all means... come... and see how far your luck will go!"
Cecilia Reyez Report | 12/30/2012 5:56 pm
Cecilia Reyez
(( By all means, go ahead. ))
Cecilia Reyez Report | 12/30/2012 11:20 am
Cecilia Reyez
(( Sure ;} ))


"Mankind has created a weapon so powerful it contains the strength of a thousand wars! From its power I have the Strength of Hercules! The Speed of Hermes! And Like Hades the Dead worship ans serve me! My will be done!"


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