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Thanks for visiting my shop I might work with you on pricing and take off the tax with a trade but you have to contact me first~
Have a nice day~


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I hate small talk and I can be pretty antisocial at times and then other times I will talk with you till your ear falls off!
So in case I am being antisocial here is a ready made intro to moi:
I am in high school
I am native american mainly
I LOOOOVE all different kinds of people because of their differances
I have tons of animals that are either growing in number or finding new homes.
I have 2 half bros and 1 half sis all younger than me
I have 1 step sis and bro the sister is my age and the bro is older I love them WAY much too!
I love to read learn listen to music and solve others problems!
Most importantly though I Love DMITRI!!! Ay tsi ne hi chuche!
Report | 02/20/2010 11:25 am

Kayrol Ineonovus

These are cute! 4laugh

You do realize that, even if you ARE online, i'll prioritize to answer your comments, don't you? biggrin Glad you do. wink

Uhm, can't we settle for a house somewhere temperate? neutral Now that all that boiling heat is gone, I agree with you: I wouldn't mind living somwhere with a part of the year wet and dry, if only that wasn't during ALL YEAR, please? crying

Washington? smile Great, that way, I can get to visit Margareth on our way there, if I'm still talking to her by the time. xp

Nope... neutral Last time I ehard any music at all was when you had your AIM phone thingy on and we listen to them together. Other than that, no music. sad

Away from you? confused Not happening, sister.

heart heart

[hugs you back tight] I like you, I hope you don't mind. whee

I'd like to watch you dancing and singing like there was no one else in the room

Any speciall reason for brining those names up? rolleyes

Love you too, baby heart heart

[rubs cheeks against yours too] More music names becaaaaause? whee

I have something to cool them off, though that means they'll end up wet. razz

Your list seems perfect to my, sweet lover. 4laugh So long as you are there with me... rolleyes Except for the motorcycle, which I don't apreciate at all! sad

We can spend a lot of time out-doors, when we are free, you know?

I think I have a solution for your computer! smile I'll just see it when you return. 3nodding It is ok, since I wasn't acting much good myself, either. xp I don't accept your appologies on that, since I enjpy seeying you jealous and only further fall for you everytime you do heart I have pleanty of your grins to laugh about, did you know? rofl

How is Sahal, after all? confused Yes... And Weregirl gives me ideas... wink

Nope: Since I'm already a master in english, I've decided to take spanish instead, and I'm pretty sure I told you about it... neutral Yes, go for it baby, jus don't push it too much, ok? smile Love you too, baby. Take care. heart redface heart redface heart

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Dreamy blackcat1995 Report | 06/10/2014 10:58 am
Hey im sorry for not replying back I was busy with a lot of things
mafre Report | 12/31/2013 11:13 pm
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MangoBean Report | 12/30/2013 10:13 am
Thankies! emotion_bigheart
MangoBean Report | 12/29/2013 2:29 pm
I like to pretend.
MangoBean Report | 12/29/2013 11:48 am
MangoBean Report | 12/28/2013 9:40 am
redface Thank you. emotion_bigheart
MangoBean Report | 12/27/2013 7:51 am
MangoBean Report | 12/26/2013 9:38 am
Heehee emotion_bigheart I hope your Christmas was merry as well.
mafre Report | 12/25/2013 2:05 am
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MangoBean Report | 12/16/2013 11:00 pm
Yay! Hugs! heart

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