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"The sunshine girl is sleeping,
She falls and dreams alone...
And me I am her dagger,
To numb to feel her pain."





Hi, call me Dji. It's not cute misspelling a 3 letter name.
My name is pronounced like genie.

* I like Asian dramas. (Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese)
* I like delinquent punk manga with tons of fights.
* I'm practically Go Dok Mi (from Flower Boy Next Door).
* I like sad songs (rock, gutturals, slow-core, sad-core, post-rock, post-hardcore, metalcore, shoegaze, lamentful ballads, and k-indie, etc)
* I hate my computer.
* I liked Heralds of Chaos. But of course everything I like leaves.
* I like flower poetry.
* Most people don't take me seriously because they think I'm a kid but I'm not. They can all gtfo.
* My favorite thing to do is nothing.
* I dread group work, class discussions, projects, essays... school.

I'm usually online. I'm back in school and it's harder than ever. I will most likely not be on--or if I am on, I'm just lurking. I'm boring but feel free to chat with me I guess.

I sound totally friendly and inviting, don't I? -shot-
Anyways, yeah.


Forever obsessions: Hyde from L'Arc~en~Ciel (VAMPS) and Claudio from Coheed and Cambria (Shabutie and Prize Fighter Inferno) <333.

Current obsessions: Avoiding work. Listening to shoegaze; random songs from Slowdive and Kill Hannah.

Currently watching: Martin Mystery.
But I'm the kind of person who will quit with 2 episodes remaining for no reason.

Currently reading: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. Don't read this unless you want to be sad forever.
...Aaaand over 100 different mangas because I have no attention span. Whoops.