Name: Corey
NickNames: Fzi, Kenzo, DizzyWhizz, Kilo, FreightTrain,
Relationship Status: Single
PSN: DizzyWhizz

This is who i am, Don't Like it GTFO i only have a handful of friends but TWO people i trust with my life. My Best friends ~Adamant and Khatt~ there real names are nun of your business... I'm a All-Around person... i can be your friendly encounter or may be your nightmare.... if your lucky a fantasy;] I'm not a difficult person to talk to, just take that step and get to know me... it tells a lot about a mf... Im a artist.., music lover, Pothead and gamer thats all... Thanks for stalking <3

Kingdom Hearts Series, Supernatural, Big Bang Theory, Attack on Titan, Teen Wolf, One Piece, Naruto Series, Star Wars Franchise, Art, Music, PC, Sony, Haters, Kit-Kats, Pizza, Dogs, Wolves, Chinese Food, ITALIAN!!!!, Sprite, Smirnoff, Pool~table game~, Money, Comics, Video Games, TV

Rude MFs, Fakes, Exes, dirty smells, attitudes, Swag Jackers, Art Stealers, Cantaloupe, squash, anchovies, Cats, Boring days, Spoilers, microsoft

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