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Last Login: 10/20/2014 7:26 pm

Registered: 12/11/2007

Gender: Male

Birthday: 03/13

We are...

Woman is when you prove yourself twice over for a job someone else got from clueless confidence
Gay is when your mom tells you to marry for love, then forbids you from seeing the person you do love
Black is when strangers think "Can I touch your hair?" is an appropriate question
Intersexed is when you're not allowed to own anything that could resemble a doll until you move out of your parents' house
Youth is when people laugh if you say something intelligent
Latino is when a patrolman asks to see your identification because you speak more languages than he does
Curvaceous is when you're constantly looking for a pair of jeans that doesn't try to reshape you
Disabled is when people pretend you're not in a line even if it's obvious you are
Genderqueer is when people apologize for not looking at your tits

These are the people I love.


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Who am I?

Ohaider! I'm Dizziesed, but I also go by Dizz, Dizzie (spelling varies), 3, and, very infrequently, buttwings. I'm 23 years of age, and fail at updating my age. If you think of yourself as normal, I will fear you. But if you don't believe in normal, we'll probably get along pretty well.

Some things about me...

I am a feminist. This means that I am against all oppression: sexism, racism and ethnocentrism, classism, ablism, heteronormativity, etc. This does not mean that I hate certain individuals based on what is between their legs, although I may tend to be judgemental towards people with a bunch of closed doors between their ears.

I tend to word things sarcastically without realizing that the sarcasm cannot be read. Generally, if you can even imagine there being a trace of humor in something I write, you are not supposed to take any of it very seriously.

I have a tendency to chew on my hands. I don't know where or when I picked it up, but it probably started from chewing on the writer's bump on the middle finger of my right hand. My writer's bump is very prominent.

I am easily entertained. So if I start laughing at nothing, there's probably something, you just don't think it's funny.

I am not fond of walls, they always run into me.

I like to cook and bake. I'm particularly fond of making soups, breads, and soufflés. I like trying new recipes.

I play piano but am terribly out of practice, due to not having a piano. My voice is also out of practice, but I used to sing.

I have a Huggy And Resplendently Enthused Mob. If you don't play zOMG this means nothing. If you do, it still means nothing unless I'm fond of you.

Other zOMG things: I appreciate Tanks. I am not one. I enjoy beating Duneslam normal as a party of two.

I do not play any other MMORPGs. I do play some (mostly 1 player) RPGs for PS1 or PS2. The only other computer games I really play much are Plants vs. Zombies, Sims2, and Sims Medieval, although I'm kind of fond of time management type games sometimes... well, I guess Sims can be considered a time management game of sorts as well...

And now some useless advice that you probably should not follow.

That is all.

This person said that.

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Tasi vas Qwib Qwib Report | 10/10/2014 9:01 am
Tasi vas Qwib Qwib
Or teeth
Tasi vas Qwib Qwib Report | 10/09/2014 7:58 pm
Tasi vas Qwib Qwib
We usually play things by ear
Tasi vas Qwib Qwib Report | 10/09/2014 12:42 pm
Tasi vas Qwib Qwib
Yes indeed! We miss you terribly!
Would be nice to make this a weekly thing if we can
Corinth Maxwell Report | 10/08/2014 6:45 pm
Corinth Maxwell
cat_blaugh *ambushes you & swarms you with all manner of huggles & snuggles while poking & tickling you & making you giggle uncontrollably because he missed talking to you* cat_4laugh cat_rofl cat_whee cat_sweatdrop heart
Tasi vas Qwib Qwib Report | 08/06/2014 8:07 am
Tasi vas Qwib Qwib
So Duny may have time to hang out on friday before she works. will you be able to come?
Rain Pebble Report | 06/20/2014 8:50 pm
Rain Pebble
You are most welcome ^^
Rain Pebble Report | 06/19/2014 12:41 pm
Rain Pebble
Your avi makes me emotion_drool
Yes this is cat Report | 06/17/2014 6:30 pm
Yes this is cat


You aren't trying to get rid of me, right?

How about a plain cucumber that's NOT soaked in liquid evil?

Yes this is cat Report | 06/15/2014 4:22 pm
Yes this is cat
No no no no none of that, you just have to pretend to be emotionally devastated while eating a chili dog.

Don't look at me like that, they're technically your customers too.

The customer's always right.

Unless they want a refund.

Yes this is cat Report | 06/10/2014 11:16 pm
Yes this is cat
Is that your passive-aggressive way of telling me you no longer want me as your pimp?

This is my seal or something.

Quotes I like from people I like

"You seem very... calm about me blaming you for murdering my neighbors." ~Dunyazade
"Pick a random number between 20 and 35 including 11." ~Dunyazade
"Your scary lizard got in my fridge so I killed it." ~Dunyazade
"Hey! I kneed him in the balls and the butt. That was pretty cool." ~Dunyazade
"Go be strange somewhere else. We're being queer over here." ~Dunyazade
"Get that healthy youthful glow while you suffocate!" ~Dunyazade
"I am your MURDERDER!" ~Dunyazade

"Mur-DDR?" ~Creamy Filling
"Flashback throwback drawback kickback outback. Sit back and relax." ~Creamy Filling
"How many times must a man sleep in the sand, before he can see the fly?" ~Creamy Filling

"I normally don't have anyone to plaintively look at." ~Rengoku No Sei
"If the sheets weren't so wrinkly, I wouldn't have run into him." ~Rengoku No Sei
"I like you. You are sick like me." ~Rengoku No Sei
"If you love sugar, you won't like this 'cuz it's too sweet." ~Rengoku No Sei


"You know, I'm gonna need a nice, long shower to wash off the smell of all the hot, sweaty sex I didn't have last night." ~Corinth Maxwell
"Awwww, you sound like a demon when you're giggling.......that's soooooooooooooo CUTE!!!!!!" ~Corinth Maxwell
"You should never disagree. What did agree ever to do you that warranted dissing?" ~Corinth Maxwell

"Teh computer gave me a bunches of squiggily lines." ~Shilshadu



Hey guess what I listen to music.


People don't visit me.

'Tiz Dizz

My friend Miyu2 made this for me:

and panicrawr made this for me in teh easterness

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