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Someties I'm an a*****e on accident, forgive me.
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Wuts good my nigguh
Hi my name is Destiny. I play gaia on the side.
Status:Taken by the love of my life.
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OLD USERNAME: Queen Magical Girl
Please try to make gaia a better place community wise, return mispriced items,tell someone to have a nice day, or just donate without wanting a thank you back, everything counts.
Warning! I like ponies. if you don't thats perfectly fine! please don't be rude to me because of what I like!
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Enigmatic Malady

Report | 06/25/2014 1:11 am

Enigmatic Malady

I'm sorry you feel left out.. I tend to forget to talk to people on my friends' list unless they have my on my Skype, but even then, i actually hate saying the first words since I was always the one to do that first for years. Figuredm if someone wants to talk, They'll talk to me first.

Report | 06/24/2014 3:29 pm


lol thank you <3333
i've been ok. just ok lol. working very hard.
i hope you're ok
Odori-ble Kitty

Report | 05/11/2014 12:01 am

Odori-ble Kitty

chur kittie is so adorable

Report | 05/08/2014 8:52 pm



Report | 04/30/2014 4:52 pm


i hev a shiny charizard ; 3
Silver v2

Report | 04/30/2014 5:16 am

Silver v2

seija takin selfies w the b***h cool hell ye
im super pumped
Silver v2

Report | 04/30/2014 5:11 am

Silver v2

the gimmicky part is that drops are weird items
like a drop is the tengu camera which takes a selfie of u with the boss
or the lucky mallet which makes ur enemy's hitbox huge
etc etc
Silver v2

Report | 04/30/2014 5:07 am

Silver v2

i played it on hard emotion_facepalm i wasted like 4 bombs on kijin's final spell ugh
and then another 2 on her midboss stage 6 i hate her so m u ch

uh its called "Impossible Spell Card" and you play as, satan herself, seija.
its super gimmicky and you battle every character from 14 + Mokou and Saigyouji
idk its super weird but im excited
Silver v2

Report | 04/30/2014 5:01 am

Silver v2

oh i like nue too exclaim
i can barely get through the cloud spellcard tho ahah i suck
btw did you play th14?
oh! and th14.3 is coming out this may exclaim
Silver v2

Report | 04/30/2014 4:55 am

Silver v2

bby girl u kno im obsessed w touhou right redface
whos ur favorite touhou
mines Okuu


Art request thread
m3g4t0ky0 is my bro not really
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Questing: Art of me and my boyfriend smilies/icon_heart.gif
Hardcore Resident Evil Fan since like forever

17-bit is my senpai smilies/icon_redface.gif