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Report | 07/21/2014 3:57 pm

_sparkle of day_

have you heard of the The Piano Guys?? Their amazing mrgreen
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Report | 07/21/2014 3:29 pm

_sparkle of day_

SLACKER lolz jk ^V^ I should be practicing my cello so im a slacker xp
_sparkle of day_'s avatar

Report | 07/21/2014 3:18 pm

_sparkle of day_

Gud! and hows 'bout you my new buddy? XD
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Report | 07/19/2014 11:08 pm

Suiyobi no Rick

ur welcome
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Report | 07/19/2014 11:06 am

Anto Dreams

Thanks for the gift ! emotion_yatta
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Report | 06/28/2014 9:25 pm

Princess of Cakes

Thank you for the purchase. :">
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Report | 05/28/2014 10:15 pm


I will probably have to invest real money again. x__X ugh lol. I see you are flourishing!!! You look awesome. Love the new look. And thank you so so so much for the present. heart heart heart I loveeeeeee my new avatar. Now all I need is another Ivory Rose and my outfit will be complete. ^_____^ I guess I will start saving now! LOL.
KawaiiMarshmallow-Cha's avatar

Report | 05/28/2014 9:26 pm


Cute avatar ^^
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Report | 05/27/2014 6:45 pm


i already am
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Report | 05/23/2014 12:05 pm


SOOO, you can be on Gaia but you can't answer your cellphone.....? mad
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Report | 05/16/2014 10:12 pm

LittIe Tea

Thank you for selling ^_^
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Report | 05/12/2014 11:13 am


HOLY ******** s**t everything has shot up in price on the MP. WTF when did this happen. How are things this expensive. what I'm so confusedefkdvjcbnskm,c
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Report | 05/12/2014 11:10 am


Good, how else can I surprise you with a random gift if it's not cleaned up? whee heart
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Report | 05/06/2014 8:23 am


3nodding It's about time...!
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Report | 05/05/2014 4:02 pm


Happy birthday dear! Clean up your wishlist soon, so people don't get you doubles. xp
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Report | 05/05/2014 12:14 pm


Hey, you posted in my thread earlier and I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. <(^.^)> I had a party yesterday so I'm just chillin for my actual birthday haha. I see you like photography too. So do I. I've won some competitions and stuff, but I would love to see some of your work if you're interested. c: Feel free to comment back or PM me anytime. I like making friends so yeah aha. take care~♥
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Report | 04/06/2014 7:58 pm


sweatdrop LOL, I haven't even had a real first day yet. I'm working on Tuesday night at 5-close. (Or whenever they send me home.) If you feel like coming by. sweatdrop It's all been training and quizzes and such so far. Boring stuff. >_< Now I will have 3 "follow" shifts, where I work with a co-host until they think I've had enough experience to try it out alone. crying crying crying
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Report | 03/21/2014 4:02 pm

Sophisticated Storyteller

Thank you!
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Report | 03/05/2014 3:35 pm


Aha no problem, and I shall! razz
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Report | 02/11/2014 2:38 pm


Thanks bb
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