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I Cant Has Grammar on 08/25/2014

Disb0ipeter AKA Smellycoochie

WOOH BACK ON GAIA =D Heeeyy my name is Peter, nice to be meeting you who ever is reading this =D This is my 4th gaia account, hope this one last longer then my second and third one xD i got hacked and banned in less then a week... sucked a lot xP Lucky for me before i got hacked i sent my OMG hat to my cousin... she wont give it back because she scared i might get hacked again xD all i lost was my ancient katana T^T i loved it so much.... well anyways why im back on Gaia? i got bored and wanted to talk to my gaian friends again =] miss you guys ^o^ Well if you wanna know more about me add me =] ohh oh oh oh and the other About Me under this one is my old one =] -1/11/10

I'm a person that likes to have fun. I'm Cambodian and im proud of it =] I do lots of crazy things like walking on walls, doing back flips, getting into trouble, the normal boy stuff. I'm a nice guy; really easy to get along with. i cant help being nice, but sometime i can be a b*tch (really rare). some of my friends and family call me PJ. My favorite sport is basketball and badminton. I love to listen to music, skate, play video games and to read manga or watch amine. I love to eat too =] I'm happy that i can eat a lot, and not gain any weight, well not too much. I alway sleep in and usely late to school xD I have lot of friends and i love them like family. I try to hang with my friends as much as i can, but im always busy =[ Well there you go, alil something about me =] -9/3/06
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