Basically I've been doing this for awhile. (Long Time)

I am a dude, obviously. I like to eat, especially strawberry shortcakes and cheetos. I do not eat too many junk foods but cheetos and twix. They are some I also like, and skittles and twizzlers would be an example. I love movies, I'm a movie fanatic. I can't explain any type of genres, but I love them all, no heavy favorites. My favorite movie is the original Batman(1989). Will never get tired of watching that movie.

Obviously I am a very spontaneous person, as you can see in my top paragraph. I like to do anything spontaneous, and that's pretty much my Achilles Heel. It can be both good and bad at times, I don't want to explain it as you can guess the pros and cons. Overall I Gaia to earn gold and do a bit of writing. I write poems or songs, whatever comes to my head. When I do get going I won't stop, especially when I ZOMG. It could probably be an addiction, but I try to suppress myself from doing it often.