23 / male / southeast US

- gore/horror/violence but i can be a real wuss about this stuff
- kawaii especially kawaii girls and cats. even better when they're combined
- nonbinary/nonheteronormative if that means anything
- nbd with pronouns if you don't know me well (i'm a little more aggressive when it comes to OCs and i specify what gender they are lol) (sry)
- i use the female base bc i like dressing up girls
- i relate to fictional characters too much (chandler/sanji/yabuki joe if you must know)
- i'm sarcastic and deprecating without being aware of it most times :''/
- i laugh at other people's misfortunes sometimes (often)
- i don't like getting to know people all that much
- i lov brandon flowers
- elizabeth is my dreamgirl
- (i have played all 3 bioshock games + burial at sea and loved all of them.....)



Birthday: 05/05


Arcade Fire | Black Mirror


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