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Spider Myths :: Lots of spider information
Where's George :: Dollar Bills Tracking site
Pogo :: Online gaming site

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Cranes for Sakura-Con 2013

Once again I went to Sakura-Con and placed origami cranes around. Each crane has this site, my username and a number. I'm hoping to see how many people report them back to me.

If you have found one of my cranes, congrats. Could you post a comment or send me a PM? Please include the number and the color of the crane.

Cranes Called In: 5/100
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I've actually turned off the ability to send me friends request.
If you want to be on my friends list, you actually have to be someone I know.
If you talk to me and get to know me, you might just end up on there.

My inbox and comments are not the Question & Assistance Forum.
If you have questions about Gaia, you should go read the Questions & Assistance Forum: Rules & Guidelines and then post in that forum.
Plenty of people there will be glad to help you.
Plus, you'll get a faster response that way.

I collect trash. Offer me a trade/gift with what ever trash, bugs, and items you want to give me. PM me for Details.

Please label if it is a trade or donation.
(This means changing it from the default title.)

Click my dragons, please.


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I collect crumpled paper, flowers, bugs, trash and any other unwanted items.

I love avi art, feel free to draw me.
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