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Birthday: 07/11/1995


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Yo I tumbl

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Just as atoms never stay the same and we are constantly being replaced in the very matter of our being, how can a simple description of ourselves stay the same day to day even? Today we have one truth. Tomorrow we will have another. It doesn't matter much what you read here. I won't make much sense tomorrow either.

Age: 19
Location: Chicago
Western Zodiac: Cancer
Eastern Zodiac: Boar

As always, if you really want to get to know me, send me a message.
I don't bite.
I've tried and it doesn't work over the internet.


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Fractured_Unity Report | 02/07/2015 2:39 pm
random fact: since you're a Cancer and a Boar, you're a Lobster
Y u m i k a r p Report | 01/27/2015 3:56 pm
Y u m i k a r p
Speaking of tablets - though not pads, but actually drawing tablets - I'm finally getting a Cintiq! I've wanted one for yeaaars now and I'm finally getting one in February. ~
I'll consider it a Valentine's Gift to myself. ♥ Oh Yumi, you're such a romantic. emotion_kirakira
Haha, well, I took a course in Japanese in Autumn to "prepare" myself for the real deal in April. It was loads of fun! But I fear I'll never learn the clock in Japanese, it took me years just to learn it in Swedish, even longer in English. OTL And I know I'll still mess up big time, I even messed up in England even though I'm fluent in that language! But one of my friends have moved from Tokyo to Osaka (yay!), so she promised to take care of me LOL. Apparently her hubby's company is really close to my school, we were both shocked when we found out. eek

LOL I know right. I've started wars on Tumblr by expression my opinion, which is apparently wrong unless you agree with those who think otherwise lol. But I won't delete my original post just 'cause it makes some people piss their pants, I ain't a pushover.

I love Kaito's scarf. It's all woooshy~~ and stuff. I want it. emotion_donotwant
Y u m i k a r p Report | 01/27/2015 12:05 pm
Y u m i k a r p
I walk around with my phone in hand 24/7, it's more like my mini-computer than a phone 'cause I can do almost everything on it that I can do on my computer. Sometimes I even prefer using my phone, like when I'm talking to my Japanese friends, 'cause my Japanese keyboard on my phone is more comfortable than using language settings on my computer.
I use Skype more for chatting than calling to be honest. Tumblr and Skype are the best ways of getting in touch with me actually, haha. Since I have 3G on my phone, I'm always available to chat with. ´ v`
But yeah, my mom rarely gets on Skype (only when I'm abroad) and my Grandmama doesn't really know how to use Skype (people call her on it, she never calls them, so she doesn't really care haha). But if I do accidentally send them something that was suppose to be sent to a friend, I freak out crazy much 'cause mom overreacts to the smallest thing and can't take a joke. I was joke-flirting with a friend once and she saw our conversation and instantly assumed that I was having sex with strangers?? Wat.
So yeah, HENCE THE FREAK OUT, LOL. I also make so many typos during the night when I'm on my phone. I had a phone with physical qwerty-keyboard for years, so I'm used to typing quickly without looking and I still haven't gotten used to a screen-keyboard so sometimes I write complete gibberish and I don't even notice until it's too late. sweatdrop
And my mom says the same as your grandma. If I get embarrassed in the future, fine, but that's my concern and not theirs. Of course I already have old stuff I'm embarrassed of, but hey, it's part of growing up. I doubt most are mature and sophisticated at 14 and that no one in their '20s have things in their past they're not embarrassed about.

Yeah, I just saw the announcement. Brought back memories of TM, gosh how I still miss that place. AND ALL MY ITEMS, SOB. </3 I was 2 items from having the full collection of all Vocaloid items, I'm still pissed about that.
Y u m i k a r p Report | 01/26/2015 5:00 pm
Y u m i k a r p
Haha, gosh, the shock I got when I logged in here and this site's economy was at billions to freaking TRILLIONS. I almost logged out again to never return, LMAO.
I think I'm greedy... but I'm also a typical case of "meh". Can't be bothered looking at new items, less work for items I've wanted for a long time. Hence why I love the "I am"-items, I don't have to care about putting together some awesome outfit when I can just turn into cake for all I care.

Woops, that last message was suppose to be written on SKYPE, not in that comment. cat_redface This is what happens when you try to multi-chat on your phone at 2AM, sorry, LOL.
Omg like yesterday I stayed up until 5 and I accidentally sent a very inappropriate message to my mom's Skype instead of my reply to a guy on Tumblr. Started freaking out looking for her tablet to delete it in the middle of the night LMAO. ;;; I also constantly call people by mistake on Skype 'cause the call button is right above the home button on my phone.
Fractured_Unity Report | 01/26/2015 4:40 pm
you're welcome. xd
Y u m i k a r p Report | 01/26/2015 4:28 pm
Y u m i k a r p
Lmao, well, when you've grown tired of a site and gone on a long hiatus, once you come back you just look at your items like "Wow, what a mess, I don't need any of this!" and basically sell 90% of it, lol. Same goes for your wishlist. I kind of want to clean up this whole account, so I'm working on selling stuff I never have or will use, going through my storage I always forget I even have, clean up my wishlist 'cause I haven't deleted anything from it the last uh... 6ish years ago or something? LOL.
Then I'll fix my profile. Unless I go on another hiatus LOL. I'm moving soon, so I might get superbusy, you never know haha.

I thought about deleting the ASA roleplay btw... but you guys might get all pissed at me, so I'm not sure I dare to. Lmao. ;;;
Y u m i k a r p Report | 01/26/2015 10:33 am
Y u m i k a r p
Idk what to do about my profile tbh. Right now I'm just cleaning out my closet and my wishlist which is taking forever. sweatdrop
Y u m i k a r p Report | 01/25/2015 7:15 am
Y u m i k a r p

I'm thinking of making a new profile layout, this is the sketch;

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Look what you've done.
Y u m i k a r p Report | 01/20/2015 10:14 am
Y u m i k a r p
Ithinkalotaboutmyself Report | 01/03/2015 2:41 pm
Thanks for buying whee




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