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This lsnt Sparta Report | 09/20/2015 9:53 am
Happy Birthday
MonstEmi Report | 06/27/2015 6:52 am
I see my old account is named something like "LittleCuntBiscuit." Charming. razz
Xo-Ovo Report | 02/17/2015 8:07 pm
hello can i have your Bear Pajamas and i give you my [Animal] No Time
sai the hokage Report | 01/10/2015 1:18 pm
hello, I was wondering if i could purchase your Gacha Genius for 7.4 billion gold? thank you very much for your time, I Truly Appreciate it 3nodding
Yukaizi Report | 01/06/2015 4:08 am
Then it shall be so. o:
Yukaizi Report | 01/03/2015 8:00 pm
You wish to become friends?
Dj Lmds Report | 12/22/2014 8:08 am
hello can i have your Bear Pajamas and i give you my Countess Estelle
LittleCuntBiscuit Report | 02/23/2014 8:06 pm
LUBB CHUU TOOOO <33333 And Johnny Depp adores you, too.
-l B r a e b u r n l- Report | 02/19/2014 4:22 pm
0h Demonic Report | 02/19/2014 3:29 pm
THERE I DID ET emotion_dowant


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I blow my candles Sept. 20th
Tumblr is life <3
My music taste varies
Photography is my everything
Anime and Manga are literally the best
I'm a total bookworm and an insecure little human.
I love travelling, Pokemon, and Johnny Depp * ^*
Kik- Died_In_Wonderland
Tumblr- ur-invalid

“To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”
― The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

You have people come into your life shockingly and surprisingly. You have losses that you never thought you'd experience. You have rejection and you have learn how to deal with that and how to get up the next day and go on with it.
--Taylor Swift

Alice came to a fork in the road. 'Which road do I take?' she asked.
'Where do you want to go?' responded the Cheshire Cat.
'I don't know,' Alice answered.
'Then,' said the Cat, 'it doesn't matter.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland