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Hello hello, how's it going?
So, I'm a dork.
I'm fluent in words, noises and/or facial expressions.
I enjoy water, pictures, food, smiles, and breathing. These keep me moving.
I like to whistle, and I sing when I'm alone.
If I'm not wearing earphones, there's probably a song in my head anyways.
My beliefs include happiness, tmesis, and this soft, warm light inside of us.
I have a basil plant called Rex. He has a more established name than my rabbit.
I have a love/hate relationship with robots. They will take over the world, this is an absolute certainty. Maybe.
Petrichor. Egg yellows. Ouch for an itch.
I love sunshine. I sunshine love.
Are you from outside the United States? If so, I'm probably already interested in you.
I also love to learn. If you have a minute, maybe you can teach me something?

Nobody I asked knew how he came
to be the one to who you surrendered.

Any man who wasn't led away into
the other room stood pretending that
something in your magnetism hadn't
just made him drop whoever's hand it was
that he was holding.

I have been searching from the
bottom to the top for such a sight,
as the one I caught when I saw
your fingers dimming the lights,
like you're used to being told
that you're trouble.