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Each day I live, the pain consumes
What little sanity I have bloomed
Like walking in a cloud of fog
Falling down, sinking into smog

Life just seems grim
I think on a whim
Interest lost in everything I do
But what a life, who really knew?

Depressed to a fault, that all I see
Death just seems like the only way for me
A waste of time, I feel I am
But that's its nature, a full mind jam

I try and try to ease the pain
A fallen effort with no gain
Thoughts begin to eat away
Makes me want to end it today

Uncomfortable around others for the way I feel
I pray and wish this all wasn't real
Life just seems more like a prison
Caged, alone, an abomination risen

No one could ever understand
Why I would want my death sooner than planned
Its not something I want for me
But to end my suffering this is what has to be

So I write this all as I fall from grace
Down to this place, some barren waste
I know not how much longer I will last
But all I can do, is pray that this will just pass.

© Vincent Ramos

Hello, I am Bloodstained Silhouette, I am Nineteen years old and I live in Southern California. I work in retail and love it!

I love to roleplay on guilds, I am currently soul searching. I have lived many places in my short life but I am hoping I have found the place I will call home. I am usually kind to all unless you mess with a friend or a family member.

I am a good listener so if you ever need to talk to someone I am always here. I don't really watch tv or keep up with shows that often, but on occasion I will get serious into a tv show. (Like Reign, Or The Tudors.)

I love stormy weather and meeting new people. I want to travel to another country some day. Hopefully Italy or Japan, Or maybe Germany. I love learning about others culture and history.

Feel free to shoot me a pm, I am usually very kind. I love getting random Pms (As long as they are not the creepy ones.)

Theres not really much else I can think of to say right now. But hopefully soon I will come up with something better to write. I was never really good at these about me things.


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l Myu l Report | 09/13/2016 2:54 am
l Myu l
i been good, growing up , i guess biggrin
l Myu l Report | 09/12/2016 3:15 pm
l Myu l
woohoo, nice <3 Happy late b-day, omg, i came just one day late, that's better than nothing tho.
i am great, prolly best period of my life...

i am all sane and happy and etc. you?

How life been with you?
DesuAnon Report | 09/12/2016 3:08 pm
hey there i hear your 21, ~gets down on one knee and looks into your eyes~ what do you say to sending me a PM and getting to know each other a little more heart
l Myu l Report | 09/12/2016 2:14 pm
l Myu l
haha, you seem like you got a bit more mature xp

i thought your excitment will be bigger
l Myu l Report | 09/12/2016 1:44 pm
l Myu l

l Myu l Report | 09/12/2016 1:41 pm
l Myu l
heart i came back on this and i was looking in the friendlist, saw someone, went on his profile and i found a commun friend..
i went on her profile and the first comment i saw on her profile was from you saying who are you and this is your new account.

Life is stange, doesn't it? mrgreen

how you been?
l Myu l Report | 09/12/2016 10:41 am
l Myu l
hey sis, been a long time

how you been?

i hope you remember me tho xp
Divinity of Purpose Report | 03/22/2016 1:23 am
Divinity of Purpose
I love your Avi and really enjoyed your profile. I hope you find everything your soul desires on your voyage through life. It's always a breath of fresh air to see someone so honest.
SeraSprightly Report | 02/23/2016 1:17 am
Thank you kindly for your purchase!
Shonen ai Prince Report | 01/20/2016 2:35 pm
Shonen ai Prince
Ughu I gotta earn the gold back, mind holding it on reserve? ;-;