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Hello, I am Diabolical Donut, I am twenty one years old and I live in Southern California.

I love to roleplay on guilds, I am currently soul searching. I have lived many places in my short life but I am hoping I have found the place I will call home. I am usually kind to all unless you mess with a friend or a family member.

I am a good listener so if you ever need to talk to someone I am always here. I don't really watch tv or keep up with shows that often, but on occasion I will get serious into a tv show. (Like Reign, Or The Tudors.)

I love stormy weather and meeting new people. I want to travel to another country some day. Hopefully Italy or Japan, Or maybe Germany. I love learning about others culture and history.

Feel free to shoot me a pm, I am usually very kind. I love getting random Pms (As long as they are not the creepy ones.)

Theres not really much else I can think of to say right now. But hopefully soon I will come up with something better to write. I was never really good at these about me things.


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Kaeviyana Report | 04/24/2017 7:26 pm
Oh no, what are you sick with?
I begged her for hours not to go, but it wasn't enough.
Kaeviyana Report | 04/24/2017 7:15 pm
For being as sick as I am, I think I am doing pretty good, though I think I just lost a friend despite me trying for hours to save her, so I am pretty devasted over that.
How are you?
Kaeviyana Report | 04/24/2017 7:11 pm
Thank you so much. ^^
Kaeviyana Report | 04/24/2017 7:04 pm
You have a lovely avatar.
-Fancy R Report | 02/16/2017 4:37 pm
-Fancy R
Hey-o. I'm just a random gaian and I saw you around the forums, but I wanted to let you know you have a really nice avi, and a really cute profile and your song is on point because I adore Florence and the Machine.

Have a good day.
YorikoKuro Report | 02/04/2017 3:37 pm
Ah, Dearest sister this is where you have been hiding. Where you trying to hide from me? You know all too well that it simply can't be done.
l l a m a p a c a Report | 12/08/2016 3:11 pm
l l a m a p a c a
beautiful profile and avatar!
Thornkitty Report | 11/09/2016 10:49 pm
OMG That's what made the arguments so funny! rofl

Well, I mean, if he could not comprehend personally, maybe it's because he's not living through it as some Americans are--- since he's from Canada? lol
He's maybe reading all these slander from twitter or something--- I donno where in the planet he got his basis from. lol

I mean, man, this is not ISIS where people get thrown off a building for being LGBT. This is America. lol
Thornkitty Report | 11/09/2016 10:23 pm
LOL I know right?!?! rofl
What in the world is he trying to explain??? lol

You're were pretty awesome when you were debating with him! I wanted to grab some popcorn! lol

Coffeeskey Report | 09/13/2016 2:54 am
i been good, growing up , i guess biggrin