Welcome to my shop!!
And thank you anyone who makes a purchase or even just a bid I truly appreciate the support smile

the reason I run my shop is because I have been on gaia for a while. When I was younger I could not wait till I was old enough to work because I planned to finally get monthly news letters. but just my luck my mom(along with most of america at the time) was laid off from her job so when I was finally old enough to work I had to be responsible and the small things I enjoy had to sit on the back burner. Even senior year I had to cover the cost of everything for me and my cousin.

either way... time has flown by and as a College student it would seem money is still scarce. But I do like dressing up my avi and I do miss the heart nostalgia heart of bartering with people and smile talking to strangers in towns and hopefully making new friends 4laugh . So now, I wander towns collecting bugs and flowers and trash reselling it in hopes to collect the items I am questing for. Some which I keep off my wishlist cause there is a small sense of satisfaction when you work your way to certain items.
although, that doesn't mean I will deny a donation :3

I also like to donate to others as well, but seeing as I am not a beggar myself I do not give to causes where someone inbox's me. this is my second account my first one was hacked so I have had to start all over again but it is okay smile

Anyway, if you read all that I guess I can only say Thank you again smile



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