"Devil's Death Letter" as she's referred to, is the land's most notorious thief. Nobody knows her real name, what she really looks like, or how old she is. She's known for her clever disguises; alias's, and ability to escape the law.

At large and on the run for over one hundred years, the only thing that the police have figured out about her is that she has the ability to change her skin color, race, hair, and eyes to whatever she chooses, however, she cannot change her sex. Changing her looks and personality from town to town stealing rare items and survival needs everywhere she passes.

She get's her name 'Devil's Death Letter' because whenever she has to kill someone who gets in her way, she leaves a letter with a smiley face, and signed ".-Devil-." No finger prints have ever been uncovered from any of these notes.

None of her alias's or disguises have ever been documented.

Disguises I would love rock:

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Total Value: 1,678,319 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Queue Demonique
Drop Dead Gorgeous Stone Skull Hairpin
Leather Collar with Cross
Emo Glasses
Sparkling Eyes Clown Makeup
Little Black Bat
GO Phones
Super Powers
Death Whisper (13th gen)
Dark Ice
Street Fighter IV Megapack
Kottan Bell 3rd Gen
Masquerade 9th Gen.
Midnight Gothic Bat Corset Dress

Total Value: 2,562,206 Gold, 8,500 Tickets[/u]
As of 20, March 2008
[Item Information]

Item List:
Ace of Spades
Magical Girl
Demonic Anklets
Sharp Fish Teeth
Soot Face Explode
Angelic Pendant
Warm Starter Surfer Girl Flip-Flops
Black Cross Belts
Fresh Taj Top
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt
Gold Tribal Bottom Tattoo
Berry Tavern Wench\'s Cincher

Total Value: 813,049 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Orphan\'s Elephant Doll
Sharp Fish Teeth
Lovely Genie Double Silver Earrings
Little Black Bat
Eye Bandage
Drop Dead Gorgeous Stone Skull Hairpin
Charcoal Cat Tail
G-LOL Dark Mistress Boots
G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt
G-LOL Dark Mistress Top
Nitemare Headband
Superior Form

I am also PocoTica.


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The Twisted Tales of Amber

Awh, the newest chapter of my life...

Here are some of the interesting chapters in this ******** up book I would like to call my life...



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heh all will be good i stopped taking them but that was just me

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