DevilFaeire is on Hiatus ;(

Visit and post please >;D Link is in my siggy <3

Oshite devilfaerie618 is updating her profile s**t ;] <33!

Go comment me. x]

Hi hi (:

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x° an actual oldbie from 03` ( this is my second account XD )
x° call me Devil, Jackie, Faerie, DevilFaerie, choose or make a nickname for me ;o
x° Cake day's on January 10th
x° I'm 14
x° From California.
x° 100% Asian (75% Chinese 25% Burmese )
x° You can find me in the Gaia Exchange, Art Freebies, Minishops, General Discussion, Avatar Talk, and around people's profiles ;]
x° I like food ;]
x° I enjoy learning new things
x° Sleeping is good.
x° Gaia makes me procrastinate a lot >.>
x° I like Asian things.
x° Cute things are always fun.
x° I type too fast.
x° Music makes the world go round.
x° iPod
x° Chapstick
x° Noodles, pocky, Boba. Oh yes. <3
x° Orange juice >;D
x° Nail polish?
x° Sunglasses
x° I'm a nerd >.>
x° Funny.
x° Laughing is good for the soul.
x° Lotion is soft and smooth. Rub rub.
x° I love meeting new people >;D
x° Beggars are for beggars. Do you see me begging? Hell no.
x° Who likes snobby people? Not me.
x° I eat popsicles when it's cold xD
x° Can be hyper
x° Knows when to be serious
x° Easily to talk to
x° Loves meeting new people and making new friends
x° Rock candy is hard but crunchy.
x° Ohdeeng. Gummi candy.
x° I like making paper stars.
x° Manga and Anime make me say OHDANG <3
x° I'm one of those people who actually took the time to learn how to do the rubiks cube.
x° I like my friends and family (:
x° Star Paper and Origami Paper!
x° Blinkies (:
x° Chinese New Year. ¡¡°x
x° Legwarmers.
x° my new cell >;D
x° Free artsys <3 ((give me some))
x° I've started drawing Gaia avatars, for practice.

I'm currently wondering who actually reads the about me sections. If you do, tell me? ;]

To be continued

(Place for where special people are ;]

Rofl it's funny how I never update my profile anymore XD)


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cool avi

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hey thur betchface lol

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No fools. Whenever someone tries to sign into a banned account it shows up as the "last login" date. If I wasn't still banned you'd obviously see me alive on DevilFaerie with posts & updates. Are there any? No.

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Last Login

12/14/2008 6:44 pm


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Banned??? O.o You're last log in was the day after your last comment to "yourself"

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Hi there banned self. When's Gaia ever going to respond to your cries? Never.

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lol sorry for the last comment by besakih, my cousins got ahold of my account D:

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omg fuking awsome avi <3

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So I attempted to contact Gaia again about DevilFaerie but still no response after.. 1-2months so far.

I already had tried contacting them twice in the past years but hey, no response. What am I supposed to wait like.. 3 years? Hooray


Free Art ll 58/100

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