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this weird punk chick

Devil_Arm_Ifrit's avatar

Gender: Female

Birthday: 04/29


Hello there, and welcome to my lazily-done profile! You can call me Ifrit. I guess you're reading this to know more about me, so I better start typing. Well, I'm really awkward both on and offline, I get embarrassed easily, and I have mixed feelings about the world. I'm 17 year old female, and my birthday is on April 29th. I'm a huge fan of nearly every kind of punk music, seeing as how it's my favorite music genre, but I also love things like metal, alternative, rock, and nearly anything else that is on the rock side of music. I love video games, reading, drawing, and writing, even though I seem to only find time for video games. I play World of Warcraft, Devil May Cry (the Original, NOT the shitty reboot.), FallOut, Skyrim, plenty of Square Enix games, Metal Gear, King of Fighters, all of Suda 51's games, and a ton more. My favorite books are either Game of Thrones, InkHeart, or Eragon. I watch a bit of anime and read manga, but my favorite by far is One Piece. Anyways, if you wanna chat then add, me I accept nearly everyone, otherwise, get lost. Anyways, I suppose I'll see you around.

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