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[x] Name: Joo
[x] Age: 999
[x] Gender: Male

[x] Anime. Live with it.
[x] PC games
[x] Being random.
[x] Dogs, Ive got more than 10 pet dogs ^_^


[x] Beggars, whiners, and cheaters.
[x] Uncontrollable usage of vulgar words annoy me.


[x] Requests are open.
[x] This does not mean I will accept requests from those I don't know.
[x] Don't beg. I will block you.

[x] Don't try to scam me. I am not dumb and I will not give you my password. -_- Those who try will be added to my ignored list and reported to the proper gaian administration.

[x] Talk to me once in a while. If you aren't on my friends list anymore, chances are that's the reason. You haven't spoken to me in weeks.

[x] I do not accept friend requests from people who have 70 friends. There's NO way you talk to all those people and I will not rot on your list. Period.






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