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Most of you visiting this page know me at least a little. Before I even begin to talk about myself, let me make one thing clear. I WILL NOT under any circumstances, accept random friend requests from total strangers. if I have never seen you in the forums, never spoken to you before, and have absolutely no idea who you are, DO NOT send me a friend request. It will be IGNORED AND REJECTED. For those of you that are still getting to know me, or want to get to know me, let me make things easy.

First off, because some of you will eventually ask me, I'm 24, straight, and recently single. Some bits of this will be changing faster than others..

You can call me:
A) Naru, Deviant, or DevCo if you're just getting to know me, or are one of my regular friends.
B) Stephen, if I know you IRL to at least some extent.
C) Steve, if we're close friends IRL and have any sort of bond.

Most of you will probably end up calling me Naru, and that's fine, that's the way I like it. I mean let's be honest, I'm here to make friends, but there are honestly very few of you that will ever get close enough to me to even start getting an idea of who I am as a person, not to mention think of me as a real friend.

So now that I've scared off the beggars and obvious n00bs, let me be a bit more forthcoming about myself. For those of you just meeting me, I'm a total art whore for all my OC's, I'm a gamer through and through, and I love food, candy, cream soda, potatoes, pandas and squirrels. I value each and every one of my friends, RL or otherwise, but if I think I'm just being used, then I'll turn away without a single look back.

Despite my tone, I'm actually a pretty good guy, or so I've been told. I just hate dealing with BS. So yeah, if you wanna get to know me more, feel free to ask away. There's also, and I hesitate to put this here, my facebook page (
'Till next time, take care!


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Kuri-Mu Momo Report | 05/26/2016 9:29 pm
Kuri-Mu Momo
I haven't posted in any for a very long a** time. I just play games on Gaia and then leave. XD
Kuri-Mu Momo Report | 05/23/2016 1:05 pm
Kuri-Mu Momo
What a dork. LOL Well, its still an awesome site regardless. =P
Kuri-Mu Momo Report | 05/22/2016 12:53 pm
Kuri-Mu Momo
WOW! No kidding, i didn't think you came online any more. XD
Welcome kinda sorta back?! Hahaha.
Kuri-Mu Momo Report | 07/27/2015 9:27 pm
Kuri-Mu Momo
Hey! Its been a bloody long a** time since you messaged me on here! LOL
Denshia Report | 07/26/2015 12:07 am
You're welcome
Denshia Report | 07/16/2015 8:50 am
Happy birthday
Nymphidora Report | 07/12/2014 9:21 am
True it is. I choose to ignore it and focus on what I normally do. Which is now ZOMG.
Nymphidora Report | 06/29/2014 7:37 pm
Fun stuff. I'm doing well. Been ages since I've been here. Alot has changed.
Nymphidora Report | 06/26/2014 6:12 pm
Hi! long time no chat. How goes it?
Konkuro-kun Report | 03/29/2014 10:58 am
Ahoy thar! What you been up to?


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