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Hello randoms, friends, hated enemies, beloved,
My name is Mariah, you can call me mari for short. The first time I'll meet you you'll have earned my trust if you dare to break it there will be hell to pay. Just keep that in mind for future reference. Unless you decide to really get to know me it isn't wise to talk with me, however if you have something nasty to say by all means say it and I'll show you if you're right or wrong. You think I'm a bad person prove it don't be a pansy and hide behind your friends. If you see me in towns well stop to say hi and maybe I'll place a cupcake on your head, by doing so it means I actually want to have a conversation with you. So if you intrigue me enough that'll happen. I usually play my xbox all day, so if I'm afk it's usually cause I'm in a game with my clan. I must say the clan is amazing and I trust those girl more than the majority on this site, I would know I've been here since '06. I'm currently 18 years old, I have this thing where I sing constantly so careful if you catch me one of those days. Lets see, at certain times I'll be the nicest person you'll ever meet at others I'm a force that is not meant to be ******** with. Since the beginning when I first began on this site, I've helped others and have asked for nothing in return, but now all I ask is for you to keep my trust and not back stab. The first impression is the most important for some it's better, others not so much. Even if the impression isn't good but you still intrigue me and we befriend one another, I'll be kinder within time. I'm in kickboxing, and I have my own ruger. If you don't know what a ruger is I honestly do not care just means you aren't a gun owner, I love to go out shooting by the way. I prefer to listen then to speak, but when I do speak be careful I won't always hold back. If you have any questions ask away.
Xbox Live- xLeanan Sidhe
Skype - Ask for it.
Number- Yeah right, try getting along with me first.
Photos are on the right side of the page.
My dog, she's the world to me I've had her since I was 4, she's a Border Collie mix with a Cocker Spaniel, she's pretty damn old. That's all for now, oh one last thing I am a wiccan, so blessed be friends, enemies, beloved.


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Deus Divina
u got skype

♥My Dearest friend Kai♥