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Gender: Male

Location: Ober Der

Occupation: the Destroyer of evil

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That's a deep cut
My uncle died last October
My Classmate mom just died

People dying leave the deepest cut
They linger there forever
Always bleeding

The saddest part is when the closest people try to act normal
You see the cuts grow deeper and deeper
And the smiles grow weaker and weaker

When being normal doesn't work
And there is no one to turn to
You can always turn to me
I know well how to be normal when nothing else is

I seen a lot of people die, two who deserved to live longer
Like my best friend.

I'll burn the tobacco, and offer my spirit to those who passed on

For Damon's mom
My uncle
My great grandpa and grandpa who actually gave a damn about me
For baby evie

And I'm sorry for trying to join you guys
My idiocy left scars that hurt a lot and I can barely hold on
But I'm trying
My cuts run deep
As well as everyone else's

Showing me I'm never truly alone
Not with them watching over me

I love all of you
From my enemies to my friends
From my family to my future

I pay my respects to you

My psn: ProfessorRyanide
my skype: DoubleDownBrownTown
Phone number is something you ask for
Email is so old school, but you can use that too if you want
Just ask


Brown Man <3
My awkward smile below

Along with my goofy ******** faces and coffee coloured dirty tongue xD


wooo Waynes World Party Time Excelllent!

Detective R