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How I get my sexy.

I Make Eggs

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Skype: OfficerFuzzy

Yes, I'm very into people collection, so go a head and add me.

I am, in general, pretty fudgin' awesome. I write a lot, I used to draw and paint--and I'll maintain that I do that though it's been a very long time since I have.
I love cats.
A lot.
Too much.

I read a ton. I guess that's it.
Kind of boring.

The Stalkers themselves. <3

fallengod316 on 07/26/2017


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Very Beautiful Samira Report | 03/16/2017 8:39 pm
Very Beautiful Samira
emotion_bigheart Thank ya baby blaugh
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 03/16/2017 1:28 am
Nitemare Nymphetamine
True 3nodding I was working in construction before, so going from getting a lot of exercise in that way to not working has been not good for my depression. That and his weather, yuck. Supposed to be warm Friday though so i suppose there's that to look forward to.
I do have my cords and 360, but mine is the mini slim I believe it's called (E series) and my friend's is the original. Of course Microsoft had to make it so the cords aren't interchangeable; that would be too easy.
Right! I love rpgs, sci-fi, horror and some fantasy games. I was playing L.A. Noire and got stuck on the part where the guy chases you with a bulldozer >.< before that I was alternating between Skyrim and New Vegas. I have a wierd habit of almost finishing games and then stopping, not sure why. That's funny, I can relate. I feel like my brain goes through phases, like I'll game and game, then binge on Netflix or Hulu and then sometimes all I do is read for days. ADD.
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 03/16/2017 12:30 am
Nitemare Nymphetamine
Oh it's fine hun. I am unfortunately not working so I have way too much time on my hands sweatdrop it's depressing actually.
Ha! True.
Hope your day went well. My 360 finally died last night; I knew it was coming but it's still a tragedy. My friend is letting me borrow his (he just got a ps4), but he brought the 360 over and forgot the cords... It would be amusing if I didn't have to wait til Saturday for him to bring them gonk
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 03/14/2017 1:03 am
Nitemare Nymphetamine
Right! Never had to deal with more than one, sounds intensely frustrating. All female Taureans at least, I feel like male Taurus are way worse... Kind of like how female Scorpios are worse, though male Scorpios... *shudders* I was so confused at first. Apparently I clash with tigers... Ironically the friend I mentioned who I was just talking to about Chinese astrology a couple hours ago, he's a tiger, and we definitely clash xP

Just like episodes I-III of Star Wars, I completely disregarded them. From what I gleaned reading random things online, they relate more to astronomy than astrology. I know they're all intertwined obviously, but I feel like, if this form of astrology has been around for at least a couple thousand years, and I would have been a Leo were I born August 4th back then, it seems nonsensical to change things up now. Hopefully that long run-on sentence made sense xD
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 03/14/2017 12:04 am
Nitemare Nymphetamine
That sounds awesome! I was just talking to my friend about Chinese astrology a bit ago. I'm a snake. I don't know too much about it, buts it's definitely interesting. There are some websites you can put your birthdate in and it'll do your natal chart for you. It helps to know where and what time you were born. It's crazy how accurate those things are. My parents are both Gemini, my mom is engaged to a Virgo. Eek! Taurus! I have always found Taurus oddly attractive but that stubbornness drives me crazy. Recently had to stop hanging out with a friend because I just couldn't take it. Any Taurus I've ever dated or been friends with, always ended the same, so I try to avoid them now. whee oh! And yes the little one is amazing. heart
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 03/13/2017 11:28 pm
Nitemare Nymphetamine
I used to feel that way. I don't know how into astrology you get (I love it) but your whole natal chart is supposed to affect your personality. It reminds of tarot in a way. My brother and sister from my mom are both Leos, and so is my daughter, who was born the day after my birthday. We have some similarities but at the same time are all totally different. I'm an introvert, my sister is also shy but very sensitive (she was almost a Cancer), and my brother is more outgoing though gloomy at times like me (He was almost a Virgo, I think we both have a Virgo moon). Lastly mini me has a LOT of Leo in her chart, she's like the epitome of Leoness lol. Sensitive, shy in her own way, but very intuitive, outgoing and she could light up a room (my brother is the same way). Sorry I could ramble on about astrology all night xd
Nitemare Nymphetamine Report | 03/10/2017 7:30 pm
Nitemare Nymphetamine
Leos! heart

'tis all.
Royaljeremy1555 Report | 03/05/2017 8:47 pm
That Kruger Report | 01/08/2017 9:42 pm
That Kruger
Thanks for the donation love! I'm eternaly grateful! heart
Bubbles5380 Report | 12/27/2016 9:17 am
adorable avi smile

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