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Mmhm~ Gotta let my legs breathe~

Report | 01/25/2015 11:30 am


Why hello there, Momo. :>

Report | 11/23/2013 9:43 pm


Because I like using an umbrella. xd
And we kinda need rain. It barely rains here.

Yeah, those videos! I don't really watch Pewdiepie though.

man i'm tired i did laundry today. for some reason doing laundry tires me out. gonk

Report | 11/23/2013 1:03 am


No snow? I guess. I want it to rain though. gonk
I guess I'm getting older 'cause I'm not saying that I want snow! xd I used to always wish it snowed here but now I'm just "ugh i don't wanna deal with that right now"

Haha, well, it's her project, not mine. And it doesn't have to be polished/perfect. Just like... a storyboard sort of thing. I'm just like... proofreading/suggestion-maker. xd
So basically she drew out everything while I nitpick at it. LOL.

"Let's play" as in like... you watch the youtuber play games. They record them playing + have some commentary. Sometimes they'll have a video of themselves so it's fun to watch their expressions. Some guys are suuuuper hilarious. xd

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It doesn't snow where I live emo
It just gets cold, which kinda sucks. Would be cool if it rained more though. emotion_kirakira

Yeah, I actually ordered my Christmas tickets. xd
I always do them early and then downgrade them if they get cheaper.

Uhhhh. o__o
Yeah I guess it is kinda hard? Haha. Sorry I poofed for a while. I was helping my friend with her project. She's making a mini comic book. She has to turn a horror genre to a different genre (or vice versa) but she can choose the medium and story. What she had so far seemed more like... tragedy/drama though. LOL. So we were trying to figure out how to tack horror genre into it.

Recently for fun I've been watching Let's Plays on youtube. They're interesting/funny depending on the Youtuber xd

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Hahaha I know, right?! For some reason it feels later than usual too, but for us, it's always the 4th Thursday in November. It seriously can't come soon enough.

Well, you know how finals are... the thing students despise most. Yeah my school is a 6-8 hour drive from home. I normally fly back because I don't like long bus rides. Seriously, I get heavy motion sickness from long drives. I can't go home for Thanksgiving (which is next week) because ticket prices are always jacked up horrendously. emotion_sweatdrop It's really not worth going home for 3 days if I have to pay $300 for a round trip.

Good luck on finals! gonk
Honestly, I don't want to talk about school right now. It's giving me a headache. emo

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Haha, it's okay. I don't even remember what we talked about last. xd

School's being crappy to me...
Well, We're having our Thanksgiving soon, so I'm just waiting out for that ; u ;
I'm going to a friend's place for Thanksgiving break. I'm pretty excited for that. For Christmas, I'll finally be able to go home! But I have to get through finals first emotion_sweatdrop

How about you?

Report | 11/19/2013 8:40 pm


Hey hows it going!!!

Report | 10/16/2013 7:37 pm


Ohh, I see. gonk
I used to Booty Grab like crazy. I did it while watch moving or something. xd
Hahh... now it doesn't even matter.

I never really go on my dA much either. It's probably since I only draw as a hobby. I'm not too serious or anything. I mean, I do want to get better and all but I just don't have the time.
tumblr is just really amusing. xd I don't blame you.

Yeah haha. I know what you mean.
Me: There's nothing here. Honest.
I live on campus in an University that's why. There's nothing here, I swear to god rofl
Sounds like so many hockey games... Is it a weekly thing?

Yeah... I'm like. major nerd underneath the surface. People don't know I use Gaia except for a select few.
idk I never played an MMO with someone I knew irl. I had a friend who played with me irl sometimes, but she's not that into it. But that's okay. She's a close family friend and one of my best friends, and I'm glad she bears with my ridiculousness. xd
I have one friend who I cannot play an MMO without. It just... ends up not being as fun. She always makes me laugh like a complete idiot. She's too busy for me now though. Which really sucks for me. Because now it's hard for me to have fun because I compare it how much fun I had with her.
... i'm just so alone its a little depressing

I don't cosplay or anything. Not because I don't want to, but I'll probably look like absolute s**t.And I want to spare everyone's precious eyes. xd
I have some friends that do though and it's pretty cool. Like seriously, mad props to people who makes their own cosplays. (Yeah, they all make their cosplays. Sewing it up like a bawss)
I have friends that read manga, but... not as much as I do. OR the same genres. I don't blame them though. I'm kinda the weird one here. Not like.. questionable, but my preferences seem to be more like a guy's. None of that major fanservice or harem crap though. Like I don't mind the blood and gore and dark themes.

omggg you poor baby. ;____;
i know what you mean about drifting apart. personally i'm just so bad at maintaining relationships. i just... don't want people know how lame i really am ; n ;
but you should do what you want to do, not what your parents want.
... i should take my own advice. but i can't there's nothing i want to do. ugh whatdo.
everyone i know irl is too busy have a real life and moving forward. i'm just stuck here in my own little fantasy kid world full of imaginary stories and characters without any motivation to move on. /sob
ugh i cant talk about this right now. there's people over in my apt and i'm supposed to be studying, not randomly brooding over my dumb personal issues. = n =;;;

and did you see that new announcement? i call BS. they didn't address what everyone was really pissed about. maybe they don't know how yet but i dunno. i have mixed feelings about all this. i guess it was just to let us know that they heard us complain and yell and scream, but all that means nothing if they actually do something about it.

Report | 10/16/2013 12:57 pm


Ohhh, yeah personally I never saw anything to pique my interest in the achievements. I never use the titles you can gain with achievements either. It's still blank. xd
It's kind of annoying when they pop-up at first, but over the course of time, if I unintentionally complete an achievement, it's kind of a pleasant surprise now. emotion_c8 I'm still not going to use the titles though. I don't really care for them. Booty Grab is probably still the fastest way to get gold. But at this point, I don't want to intentionally add more gold into the economy because it's crazy as is already. Also because it's repetitive and boring, and I don't have time for it.

I just found your DA via your profile. heheheheheh /creeper status ON
I like your drawings = w =

Hahaha, some people like sight-seeing. Like... they really really enjoy scenic views and cherish them. I'm not one of those people though. I'd probably take one look for like 2 minutes max and I'm good. xd I mean... why do people go to the beach? It's just sand and water. LOL.
idk, maybe you're used to seeing it often so it means nothing to you, but I guess it's different for other people.
I hope you have lots of fun with your aunt btw! :3

Yeah in the past few years I've been really active. Side effect of deciding that playing MMOs in college would cause addiction and less focus on school work. Therefore I came here. emotion_awesome
MMOs/forums are not fun when I'm by myself. :<
Being able to chill with other people online is kind of one of the bigger reasons that I'm here. (insert how lonesome i am here because everyone i know irl isn't as nerdtastic as me. maybe.)

Perssonally I think having a lot of the cute accessories we have on here irl would be pretty awesome. I can totally imagine some clothes on Gaia translated to real life pretty well too.
There won't be a lot though, considering how Gaia is a fantasy centered site. But... I bet they could come up with great costumes for like.. Halloween. xd (Or maybe cosplays)
Suddenly I feel like I'm talking about a different site altogether. lol


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