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Hey I am Deschaine!

I am 21 years old and just finished my university degree in Archaeology and biological anthropology. It is really interesting and fascinating stuff.

My favourite anime is Elfen Lied, although I also like Bleach, Please Teacher, Loveless, Elfen Lied, Gravitation, Kino's Journey, FMA, Negima, Ouran High Host Club, Lovely Complex, Lucky Star and Claymore, Some days Dreamers, Chobits, and Fruits Basket. I knwo there are a heap more I just can't be bothered listing them all! XD PM me if you wanna talk about something related to any of these.

My favourite authors are Stephen King, mostly just his Dark Tower series, and Isobelle Carmody, I lurve all her books but Ashling is my absolute favourite. I also enjoy the work of Kate Constable, she wrote the Singers of Tremaris or whatever it is, and Terry Goodkind because chicks in leather beating up people is cool with that fantasy edge to it.

I am a perpetual questor. I love it! I think it is so much fun and you can usually find me hanging out in the Charity and Quest Subforum. I have a quest thread which I share with my great friend Iamsobored. Unfortunately she isn't around much anymore but I still love her heaps! <333

If ever you want to talk to me feel free to PM or Comment me.

So that is me in a nut shell...

Yes my Wishlist is large. This is because I like to have lists so that I am able to cross things off when I achieve them. Basically it is my giant shopping list.

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Annabella Goddess Of Ice Report | 04/24/2011 10:23 pm
Thank you so much for the hair. heart
Chixen Report | 04/10/2011 10:30 pm
Thank you so much for the roses! heart
(I really like those items!)
Annabella Goddess Of Ice Report | 03/17/2011 1:55 am
Thank you sooo much!!! <3
dolls in stitches Report | 03/09/2011 10:40 am
I do have Seal Slippers ^_-
Lady Sedia Auvryarn Report | 04/30/2010 7:50 pm
Happy B-day biggrin
Hvil Mary Report | 03/11/2010 6:41 pm
Your avatar reminds me of cake! C:
The food, not the band. Just to be clear~
m tomar Report | 03/07/2010 10:50 pm
*snuggles back* I need to come back I know >.< Been busy w/rl razz Thank you for the comment.
SpottedDuck Report | 03/05/2010 9:23 am
you seem Really Rich I Saw You On The Booty Grab Gwee Thing,So Because Ur So Rich Will U please Buy Me A Brandy Puppy Please.

Zorable Report | 02/15/2010 4:05 pm
hey <3 looks like you got your kitty... congrats
capdolly Report | 02/10/2010 1:13 am
A whopping 1 1/2 years, haha.
It's new but I'm adjusting :3

How long have you been on gaia?

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