Tads and Bits about me

Name: Jean Cullen-Kaufman
Nicknames: cupcake, Duckie, cookie, midget, DJ
Age: 22
Gender: Girl - straight
status: Happily Married <3
hight: 5'7
Features: auburn hair, grey/green eyes, pale skin, and medium build
ethnicity: Irish-American
Beliefs: I am Christian. (Dont bother harassing me about it.)
Occupation: Logo and Graphics Designer/Cashier
Gamer tag (Xbox360) : Derangeduckie (Steam) Jaiye
Favorite color: grey-blue, sage green
Favorite Band: Tenth avenue north
Favorite candy: sour starburts
Interests: video games, Music, Drawing, Airsoft, Guitar, sewing, woodcrafting
Fears: Afros, fishes, large crowds, small spaces

A bit about my personality :
I'm an introverted person, not very talkative unless you get to know me well, so dont take it personal if you dont get a Pm, email, or IM from me every single day.
I'm usually very agreeable and laid-back, but be warned, i have a temper that pops up once in a while and a lot of people don't like to deal with it.
Being strong minded, please don't tell me what to do or how to think, i will react with aggression.
Along with being decisive, straight forward, and always doing things the hard way, I'm pretty weird, not your average odd-ball. No, seriously.
Lastly, I'm extremely creative; give me a cardboard box and I'm off to the moon. 8D

Happy Surfing!


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Thanks for buying smile
Claudia Steele

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Claudia Steele

Thanks for the purchase =)

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Hiro Izo

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I need some Secs

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I need some Secs

How much do you draw your avi art for if i may ask?
La Belle Dame Mortelle

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La Belle Dame Mortelle

Thank you for your purchase. *bows* Please have a pleasant day.

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How about 50k even?

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35k for your February Anklets? Also, notice how this isn't a PM. emotion_awesome
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Doctor Sir

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