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Carry me.

Letter to visitor

I'll scratch at my skin
to take my mind off
this absence we've created.
and these words will blur together,
like the veins in my arm.
I'm tired of feeling so alone.
You're the difference between
Hell and Home.

Things about me that you may not know:
I smoke the pipe. (yes, like Popeye the Sailor)
I don't have any piercing nor tattoos.
I don't drink and I have never drink alcohol.
I like cute, warm, surreal and engagingly creative things.
I have always been interested with Vampires since I'm a kid.
I don't think that this is a poo poo world.
I play the flute.
I know how to operate FL Studio.
I drive on the right side.
I like snakes.
I have a scar on both of my wrists and my neck.
I'm multilingual. English is not my mother tongue.
I don't like sweets, junk foods, biscuits, cookies, and sour things.
I can't stand cakes.
I won't eat pork. Their texture freaks me out, especially the boiled ones.
I'm eligible to further my education on medic, veterinarian, zoologist, fashion designer, geologist, game designer, graphic designer, tesl (teaching english as second language), but I chose to be an animator.

My dream before I die is that I wish I could have a daughter <3

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