So, what's there to say? I'm known as Depletion on gaia, or Jamie, if you prefer to call me by my RL name. Most people do, even those who I don't know. XD Even though I'm an official 2OO3 user I didn't really play gaia until 2OO4-2OO5. Back then, I frequented the vend and the gaian exchange. I quested for myself as well as my friends, earned some lovely little pixels for myself & made the best friends a girl could wish for over the last few years. But after the exchange turned lame for about the 1OOth time, drama spewed, and my joint exchange shop that was 2OOO pages died when I went on hiatus and the person who I shared it with got banned, I made my way more into the RnC. Once there, I opened up my own art shop instead of just buying it all the time. As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of art. ^O^ I've been collecting art since 2OO4. Super lucky to have as many amazing pieces by as many talented artists as I do. Now I'm on and off gaia every so often, the best place to find me is my gaian art shop, Neverland! I specialize in vector works~ :3 Dark, chibi, pinup, experimental - I have no set style, I like to vary my work. <3 Doing one thing all the time? Can you say BORING?

Shop is closed! Making a new one!

Soooo. Who am I really? That's only what I've done on gaia.
Welllll. This should help shed some light. :3

the person.
- 19 years young. - scorpio
- east coaster ; new yorker
- adores her friends - full time college student
- brown eyed brunette and lovin' it
- art lover (seriously make me some <3 )
- artist ; when I'm inspired
- no idea what I wanna be when I grow up
(I'll never grow up)
- i've got the curse of curves

the personality.
- spunky - wild child
- pessimistic - mischievous
- playful - outgoing - outspoken
- overprotective - loving to my friends
- total b***h to those I dislike
- flirtatious - competitive
- passionate - gamer

the loves.
- my friends - my kitty Kremesaver
- music - cherry coke zero - ART
- dark chocolate - roses
- candles - lavender
- fav color blue
- disney movies
- making people laugh
- my playstation 2 & 3
- stripes -skullz n crossbones
- my sexy flatscreen tv
- high heels - SHOES
- the beach - sandcastles
- poker - futurama -family guy
-movies (i'm a collector)

the dislikes.
- hospitals - cookie dough (EW)
- backstabbers - promise breakers
- liars - spiders
- crazy intense annoying rap
(that is not music)
(oh & opera & most country)

Gaia Trivia? Hmm...
[x] I was in the first 1OO,OOO users.
[x] I can almost guarentee I've donated more then you.
[x] My gaian net worth was over 75O million at one point in time.
[x] That mistletoe kissing thing between O4-O5 - I ranked 4th at one point out of everyone on gaia. Props.
[x] My total art collection = millions in gold & over 1OOO cash.
[x] This was my 2nd gaian account ; first was ForgottenSoul, which I still have.

I've had a lot of memories, both good and bad, because of this site. I've learned a lot, not so sure about grown up LOL, since I joined gaia almost 6 years ago. Never thought I'd still be on it, but hey, I guess there's something that keeps me coming back.

Most importantly though?
I have the most amazing friends a girl could ever hope for.
The best thing? Even though we may have met on gaia, I'm close with people who I know I'll be close with for a lifetime. So that is one thing I can thank gaia for. smilies/icon_heart.gif

Please do not bother or harass any of the artists! & Please do not PM me about art!
Some were paid commisons (cash or gold), some by DA users & there's even a giftuu in here! (in no order)
Nursey - bw-inc - jerseylust - twism - synister - dj lune - miaow - kitten - luciole - keiiii

Profile was made by the super awesome & very talented Bridget, who's a super cool friend of mine. <3 Don't bother her either! smilies/icon_mad.gif

    Patch Me?



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My Skype username should still be the same.

There's nothing in NY for me.. most of my friends who I had poker nights with even moved out of there. Just no job opportunities so they just had to get out.

I won a company-wide contest from work. Trip was for Southbeach Miami and luxury accommodations at the Loews Southbeach hotel. Pretty amazing experience.
L l X l E

Report | 11/12/2015 1:24 pm

L l X l E

im okay bby you? miss you
L l X l E

Report | 11/11/2015 10:58 pm

L l X l E

hey you heart
L l X l E

Report | 11/11/2015 4:21 pm

L l X l E


Report | 11/09/2015 8:19 pm


You first. cheese_whine

Thank you thank you. Working hard so i can save money for traveling instead. A house is now, a nicer and newer car are always nice goals -- and I'm sure I can obtain those anytime... even now if I wanted for both... but traveling is more of a passion really. I got back from Miami a few months ago and it just makes me want to travel more frequently and out of country too.

It's cool. Job isn't too stressful surprisingly. Great offices and coworkers too. But I'm really open to anything.

Report | 11/07/2015 9:09 pm


Lol yep, me. I don't take selfies though. Only pics that people snap of me. xp

I don't do any of the installations for the solar projects -- just manage them. Arrange everything through the utility companies, HOA's, and federal incentives and everything. But yeah, great gig I have and pretty limitless for future opportunities.

Report | 11/07/2015 4:32 pm


heart heart

Report | 11/07/2015 4:24 pm


The housing market has surprisingly recovered a bit out here in Vegas. Decent homes come with around a $1300 mortgage instead of around $1000 a couple years ago. But, it's okay. I'm still saving a lot of money in my current living situation.

Lol sounds nice. I've started going to the gym so I'm eating quite clean these days. New way of life really.
Except chips. Still love those. cool

I'm a project manager for a solar company. 3nodding

Report | 11/06/2015 6:55 pm


Naaa, I'll always know how handsome I am. cool

House hunting is always fun. I almost bought one multiple times within the past year... lots of things changed so I'm glad I didn't. What are you doing for work these days?

Things are fine w/ me. 2015 definitely has been a hell of a year to say the least.

Report | 11/04/2015 9:20 pm


Definitely will. And when my memory goes, I took lots of pics & videos just in case. cool

Yeah truly. I hope you've been well too. How's life?


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Take the ashes from the floor
Bury them to just make sure
That nothing more is left of me
Just bittersweet memories, memories