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TofuBaconPizza Report | 08/15/2014 8:54 am
yay, great! I'll let you know then! In exchange, just tell me if you're going to visit Indonesia. I'll gladly to show you around.

well, 30 is much cooler than normal. even my grandparents set their AC at 30.
I agree with cold vs hot choice. You'll still feel hot even if you remove all your clothing.

oh well,, I might make a thread soon. Probably another 30day challenges.
TofuBaconPizza Report | 08/15/2014 7:15 am
oh, I've been to Stockholm once! one of the coolest summer I've experienced emotion_awesome

lol, for me, 30 C is considerably cool biggrin 35 is the average temperature here. Thanks God, I can afford having air conditioner in my room.
Funny thing that I could handle cold weather much better than hot humid sun xd

Eh, won't people be mad if I start a thread but can't update it regularly?

TofuBaconPizza Report | 08/15/2014 5:10 am
definitely one of my long lost cousin biggrin

oh, where do you live?
I also never do well with heat, though I live in a tropical country so it's summer all year round sad

I've been thinking of making contest threads, but I always afraid I won't have time and energy to keep it running.
TofuBaconPizza Report | 08/15/2014 4:18 am
lol, I thought you're playing daytime soup opera xd now I want to see the avatar
I'm fine, just don't have much to do here. Mainly just lurking around until I can make a new avatar biggrin
so what you've been up to?
TofuBaconPizza Report | 08/14/2014 10:43 pm
oh, hi! I don't realize that you're my cousin!! eek
Dailanie Report | 08/08/2014 8:16 pm
Aww thank you Deo! >w<
Yours is fab as well c;
Denham Report | 08/07/2014 10:56 am

          Thank you! You're looking pretty fab yourself emotion_bigheart
Yen Quest Report | 07/20/2014 6:30 am
Oh lol. I'm pretty sure a lot of people just typed up rainbow in their inventory, and went for these items. xD

Happy Unity Day! biggrin
Dailanie Report | 07/13/2014 4:20 am
Pretty much haha
Usually I'll ask friends if they're selling it first THEN go looking in the MP, but I really cbf xD
Dailanie Report | 07/13/2014 3:34 am
You're welcome babe emotion_awesome
May as well give my money to people I like haha

About me~ :3

>>>: Hi everyone!
Did you stop by to leave a comment or did you just happened to stumble in? It doesn't really matter, there aren't so many who reads the about sections anyways, right? xD But I guess I'll tell you a bit about myself when I finally have started writing x3

My name is Alice and I'm a 22 year old girl who lives in Sweden. Here at Gaia you can find me in the AT or, at very rare occasions, in the GCD. Sometimes I even lurk around and post in the PP x3 I love to draw and create things. Unfortunetely I am now unemployed.. Can I move in with someone who has money? 8D There are two Alices, (no I'm not schizofrenic), the real me and the 'character' me. The real me is a normal girl who likes bright colors, drawing, laugh and is a bit goofy. The character me is the real me times a thousand xD When I draw me, the character, she's extreme. I make that me the me I want to be. (lol sentence XD). The character Alice is weird, I mean really weird. She's a bit better looking though, she has no nose!! I don't like noses.. Voldemort is cool, he has no nose either.. And she's always happy. I'm not at all always happy, but when I am there's nothing that can break that wall of happiness 8D
I actually hate clothes and if it weren't for the climate up here in Sweden, I'd probably be a nudist. I have to move south, so I can walk around in my bare skin and be sexay xD Or maybe I'll start my own nude community.. though we'd only be nude at home and in the summer because it's friggin cold in the winter : P
Okay people let me tell you fact! I think Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman and Milla Jovovich are the most beautiful women in the world! Yeah! I would like a Beyoncé of my own.. emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png I don't like most of her music, though she has an amazing voice and I do like some songs 8D But mostly they're too melody-less for me xD I'm not to fond of most hip hop/rap/RnB.

Oh! Mayhaps you'd like to know my allergies? xD Some weird stuff in there, I know : P Okies~ Here goes nothing 8D
Gluten, nettles, strawberries, cocoa, red pigments (that is in candy ;D), corn, red paprika and chili.. i think that's it.. no.. yes, that's it xD
Long time no write here indeed it was I write without punctuation indeed I do.
Now I will tell you what I collect! In punctuation form or whatever it's called in english!
1. Those shiny papers that chocolate is wrapped up in.
2. Foreign money.
3. Pokemon figures.
4. Gaian avatars.
5. My cat's and dog's whiskers!!!! MOAHAHAHAHA!! D<
6. Purdy, shiny little stones * u *

I'll write more later when I come up with new things to write :3
Oh, and don't be scared of the face down there.. it's only me ;D