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I love to roleplay so give me a shout.
We can start a roleplay together

Click here for roleplays or send me your Ideas.....Also Pm me. I would love to talk


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Hey, I am a Floridian I love this state but I like northern states more.I am a college student currently in my freshman year.>_< It hell I have to say soo many reports to do and all. i have been on gaia for about 5 years now my profile says the exact amount. I Have been a delightful person in donating to people I am sorry I am not that rich so please be happy with what you have I usually give items off people wish list.If you post here you may be one of the lucky few who will get something

Roleplaying is my favorite thing to do so if you are a roleplay freak like me please PM me I would love to start one. My favorite is fantasy but I will also do others all you have to do is ask. The thing is I do not like to cyber so don't ask to cyber from t he start. I also don't like slave roleplays because that all that ends happening is cybering. I will tell you my limits in the pm on how far I will be willing to go. Also I judge on how people introduce or greet me so if you Pm me with like a 5 word sentence you will probably get ignored
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TheLittIeLion Report | 01/13/2016 7:50 pm
I am glad to hear that, I would feel terrible if you did
TheLittIeLion Report | 01/13/2016 7:46 pm
You are gonna hate when I get super crazy busy again
TheLittIeLion Report | 12/22/2015 5:42 pm
Aw, and I thought I was hiding so well!
Bound Marionette Report | 09/09/2015 5:53 am
Bound Marionette

It has been done. >:3
Bound Marionette Report | 09/09/2015 4:09 am
Bound Marionette
I claim this spot in the name of me~
A Big Bowl Of Pho Report | 08/12/2014 1:43 pm
A Big Bowl Of Pho
Hey dude! Do you still get on here? How are you? How's your knee? Life? Y'know, all that good stuff.
SoraCathaldus Report | 02/10/2014 10:10 pm
Dreaming of ReaIity Report | 08/15/2013 12:53 pm
Dreaming of ReaIity
I missed talking to you too.
But life comes first.
Dreaming of ReaIity Report | 08/15/2013 12:36 pm
Dreaming of ReaIity
Tired, just tired.
How about you?
Dreaming of ReaIity Report | 08/15/2013 12:34 pm
Dreaming of ReaIity