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editing my profile is not working out that well
but I got this much so far.... now if only I can move these darn Panels where I want

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Born: October 30th 1989
Zodiac: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Snake
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
don't know what else to say
I can draw better than most people I have seen with a pencil and paper


Hello and welcome to my store
I accept reasonable offers on my items
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just make an offer before you offer a trade
please do enjoy yourself as you shop at my store


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Gleiche Report | 04/25/2017 5:26 am
Well the dream i had did remind me of ah old rp we used to write together i think ot was similar to the first rp we did with the human/vampire private school rp as for rping currently i might be rusty haven't really done any roleplaying since we last spoke my love as for how lifes been treating me it's been hard and depressing the way the Canadian economy is currently it's been a sruggle to find stable employment that won't stress me out it the point where i Can't function normally
Gleiche Report | 04/24/2017 7:47 pm
I guess it been hard times all around my love i had a random dream that inspired me to come back i do apologize for being away honestly am surprised my account is still here after so many years offline
Gleiche Report | 04/23/2017 3:43 pm
hello there your long lost lover has drifted in from the void how have you been these past years and did you really miss me?
Spriteless Girl Report | 02/10/2017 8:08 pm
Spriteless Girl
Thank you for buying my wirewood chestplate, oh wise and beautiful queen of the netherworld.
Lord Saiax Report | 02/09/2017 7:54 pm
Lord Saiax
thank you for buying
ll akuma ll Report | 01/25/2017 3:04 pm
ll akuma ll
Thanks, yours is awesome too~!! : D
cocoakitteh Report | 01/24/2017 7:44 pm
thanks so much for buying whee 4laugh
Tibix Report | 01/21/2017 11:32 am
Thankies I love the Fafnir colors you got going on xp
Kage no Tsuki-sama Report | 01/20/2017 4:55 pm
Kage no Tsuki-sama
Thanks for buying
Adventureness Report | 01/08/2017 1:44 pm
Thank you 3nodding

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You Are a Werewolf

You are moody and easily provoked.
You are highly loyal and protective of those you love.

While you can be intense at times, you are generally a laid back person.

But if a fight comes your way, you will fight 'til the death if necessary.

You seem normal to most people. No one understands how different you can be.

It's like a switch flips for you sometimes - and then you're a completely different creature.

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