♫ About Me ♫

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    Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music

    →Ronald Reagan

    Delightfully Different
    Deviously Dorky

    Demonic Delicacy

    ✔My name is Bunni, but you can call me DD.
    ✔I have lived for 17 years, and have enjoyed each year.
    ✔I live in the υ•s•α

    A small list of favorites*:

    ∿Animal: Crow
    ∿Game: Sims 3
    ∿Movie: How To Train Your Dragon
    ∿Anime: Soul Eater
    ∿Song: Welcome To The Show↝Britt Nicole
    ∿Book: The Crucible↝Arthur Miller

    *At the moment

    ❤I love music, animals, and reading
    ✘I hate bugs, whales, rude people

    Message me to talk~
    I don't accept friend request unless you talk to me first!

    Without music, life is a journey through a desert

    →Pat Conroy

♫ Music ♫


Demonic Delicacy


I'm an anime lover
I love to debate
I play three instruments
I'm into fantasy fiction
Demonic Delicacy