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I'm a very random person and i love my bf. I like playing games. I play them quite a lot and i tend to finish most games pretty fast with almost 100% completion of everything. I also read manga books and ive seen some anime. I like K-pop and J-pop i also like Japanese Rock. My ultimate favorite color is blue!

I like talking to new people but im really shy so i usually wait for you to say something first (unless i just automatically like you). I dont like random friend requests because i want to get to know people before i add them.

I love art. Uh pretty much any type of art (drawing, writing, poems, songs, photography, etc.) Im learning how to draw and i think im an ok drawer for now lol.

I go school, im enrolled in a university right now so im not always on gaia since school comes first. I like to play sports, i mostly play volleyball and softball.

I love to read. I can finish a 800+ page novel in give or take 3 days depending on how interesting it the story is.

I value my friends so i tend to try and help them out when i can and i also try to be there for them when they need a shoulder or someone that will listen.

If you have any suggestions on games or anime/manga that you wanna share with me please by all means go ahead ^.^ thank you. That goes for regular books too i like: Thrillers, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Literature (im pretty much open to any good story).

Games Ive Played:

Final Fantasy 7-13 and some ds/gameboy ones (no online/computer ones)
Star Ocean Til The End of Time
Star Ocean Last Hope
Devil May Cry 1-4
Tekkan (all of them)
Odin Sphere
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Call of Duty Black Ops
Samurai Warriors (all of them)
Dynasty Warriors (all of them)
Wild Arms 1 and 3
Tomb Raider (all of them)
Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
Tenchu (all of them)
Pokemon (all of them)
Harvest Moon (almost all of them *way too many*)
Ace Attorney (all of them)
and others (if i remember ill post them)

Manga ive read/ Anime ive seen:

King of Hell
Psychic Academy
Real Bout High School
Naruto (only a few)
Angelic Layer
Full Moon
Rounin Kenshin
Fruits Basket
Vampire Knight
Samurai Harem
St. Dragon Girl
Code Geass

Thanks everyone for the donations!! I LOVE U ALL ^.^



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iHitomi Report | 03/28/2014 11:59 am
Yeah I think it's kinda a bummer that happen too :/ I hope they start updating gold shops more >-<
iHitomi Report | 03/28/2014 11:54 am
Aww thanks I love yours!
what did you think of that new roco shop? whatever the hell it's called Lol
iHitomi Report | 03/20/2014 9:06 am
aww your avi is so cute!
iHitomi Report | 03/17/2014 10:44 am
^^ <33

Aww really? *-* that's awesome!! emotion_hug
iHitomi Report | 03/17/2014 9:59 am
Aww thank you heart
You are adorable too!~

How are you? smile
LovelySakura247 Report | 03/03/2014 3:01 am
Omg your avi is so kawaii <333
iHitomi Report | 02/25/2014 5:54 am
makes you wonder how many "march" items they will end up making lol ugh like wth they need to make a recolor of flatline love x__x
iHitomi Report | 02/13/2014 7:03 am
aw <3 first time in awhile I've liked my avi a lot <3

How are you hun? your avatar is so cute!~ heart
iHitomi Report | 02/09/2014 11:48 am
I know right x__x lol especially with another rig being released this month. if I read that announcement right.
iHitomi Report | 02/09/2014 11:41 am
I hope you get it soon <3 with everything jumping around in prices it's hard to tell what to get right now x.x
I never have good luck at chance items so I only played one and got a cupcake mood bubble xd heart

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