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Finally cleared out of the old and happily entering in the new! ^-^



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Occupation: Student

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Hello there. You can call me Dk, Demon, Kiroro, hey you with the face. I don't really give a damn.

I am a college student at Eastern Michigan University, currently majoring in Music Education and minoring in Secondary Education English Language, Literature, and Writing.

I am in a relationship. Currently engaged to my wonderful man~ Have been together over seven years. It is wonderful, and I love him dearly.


Into Roleplays~ Love 1 x1's~ Interested in one? PM me ^.^
Seriously.. PM me. I love roleplays. I miss doing them. I am quite flexible with them, and easy to get along with.
Into avie art!! smilies/icon_whee.gif Loving it!!

I am very proud of my avie art so far~ I cannot wait to expand my collection smilies/icon_whee.gif if you know someone who does awesome work for a decent price please direct me~<3!


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JerryKun Desku Report | 12/17/2014 7:54 pm
Mmm...Chicken fried steak...

Sillie is fun. My parentals disagree. Makes it more fun for me though. > biggrin

OOOHH...Outlaw Star! Was kinda like Cowboy Bebop, but it had a cat-girl. I need that on DVD. >.> Did yah watch Tenchi Muyo? (I watched a bit of all them y'all listed, but not much.)

I'm not your friend, guy! (Oh those sillie Canadians, what with their heads all splittin' in half when they talk. It is a personal choice, ah tells yah! And I will NOT STAND FOR IT!)

Well MAYBE I WILL! D:< GOSH! Just need to...wake up a bit. I am actually feeling good and artable the last few days, aside from being really tired. Sucks, dangit.
JerryKun Desku Report | 12/17/2014 7:08 pm
HERETIC! Burgers are LIFE! D:< Hot dogs are okay, though. I try not to eat them, as they are not healthy for me.

I''mma murnbe...Eh? Space butterfly...glem derzzzzzzzz...

INUYASHA! I liked that one, but it got into that anime thing where the show is constantly like "Oh no, a new more powerful enemy! Time for our heroes to uncover new awesome power number 5!" That tends to ruin things for why I stopped caring about Naruto and Bleach...and even DragonBall Z. D: Wolf's Rain was alright.

I'm not your buddy, pal! (I see we are on the same page here. razz )

Maaaayybe...I will have to start with references of course... (I asked a work homie person what I should draw and she just said "Elephant"...I do not feel confident in my elephants.)
JerryKun Desku Report | 12/17/2014 4:54 pm
That...sounds...cooooool... ._. Way more interesting than Burger King and McDonalds... >.> I mean...a burger joint with HOT DOGS!? MADNESS!

I will sleep on their graves! D:< (If I keep this up, they might double my feel good pills. SCORE!)

That was my first anime, probably what got me into liking the anime stuffs. Is one of m'favorite movies EVAR! Also, I have it on DVD. Ha. I could toss it to yah.

I'm not your guy, friend!

I was gonna draw your avatar (Thought that up while at work today), but you changed your avatar, and now I do not know what half of it is. ._.
JerryKun Desku Report | 12/16/2014 8:10 pm
I have never even SEEN a Five Guys...or a commercial... biggrin I only heard about it recently through the wonder of internet drama. In-n-Out is pretty good though.

But they have such soothing voices...and feel-good pills...

PSSH...Makes sense. Cartoons are the bee's knees. Have you seen Princess Mononoke?

Then party on, blue-hair bro!

I have not drawn much since then, eh? razz I only started drawing a few things now because their is this Newbie Artist Training Grounds thingie in the pony-fan space I decided to take part in a bit.
JerryKun Desku Report | 12/15/2014 11:06 am
MUAHAHAHA! > biggrin Carl's Jr. is el awesomo. Do you have In-n-Out Burger? Five Guys?

And then they would let their guards down and we could push them over! biggrin And then hide from the police! And possibly those nice doctors in their clean white coats...

I miss them Homeward Bound movies. Which one had the kittie!? That was a SOOPER fluffie kittie! Anywho...I gotta watch them again.

But you could, like...give yourself a spike mohawk? I'unno. I am not one who likes attention or being different or such, so I shall not understand. If it makes yah happy though, then woohoo! Have a this.
JerryKun Desku Report | 12/13/2014 6:43 pm
Taco Bell is one of my favorite fast food places. I think Carl's Jr. is my favorite. We have one near here that is Carl's Jr. AND Green Burrito. Awesome.

You can if you truly BELIEVE!

For funsies. :3 Imagine us in like a mall or somewhere surrounded by people. *Poke* *Slap* *Poke* *Slap* Ad infinitum.

Have you seen the movie Homeward Bound with the doggies and the porcupine?

HHH-IIIII-PPP...jive daddy-o. I never understand why y'all people would want colored hair.
JerryKun Desku Report | 12/13/2014 6:25 pm
...Also good. I like whatever steak Taco Bell puts in their burritos.

More monies is always is being able to insult people in different languages...

I would...sooo poke them eyes. ._. Slappins be DAMNED!

Blob Fishes deserve to be loved too! D: Porcupines can fight off lions.

You HIPSTER! Colored hair is the female fedora.
JerryKun Desku Report | 12/12/2014 9:21 pm
Mmm...A nice tender tri-tip is divine.

It is only worth taking the classes if you plan on talking to people in Spanish. Otherwise, the schools are just wasting your time and money making you learn it.

>:3 I have had people challenge me to gross-out wars and then threaten to stop talking to me when I won...Which is like, a flawless victory.

It is a lot easier when one has friends to lean on. You are cool, but...I need somebody within eye-poking distance. (In recent news, my shoulder is messed up from moving too many heavy things, which is my I came home from work early today and slept for a few hours. And my legs are giving me some pain too...I am falling apart, pass the super glue.)

JerryKun Desku Report | 12/11/2014 9:19 pm
Meat is the best of things! biggrin HAM! WOOH!

Yo...past-tense-tengo epanol para tres anos en...escuela alta? Hmmm...I took three years of Spanish in high school, including an advanced class for the third year. ._. I remember barely any of it now though.

A good little emo kid would always have access to a razor. razz If memory serves...the wart itself will have a root-type-thing that must be removed to get rid of it.

Awww...I like insult wars. >.> And gross-out wars. I always win those.
(I have been thinking again. Not depressing this time, somehow...Anywho, I have been thinking about my life and how it is not progressing and I waste my time in non-productive distractions and I need to DO SOMETHING instead of getting pissie when I see my ideas being done by someone else (Even though my lack of resources guarantees others with resources will beat me to it anyway...) and...I need to find something to motivate me. ._. Due to my depression and related such-n-such, I am unable to help myself...and I am unable to seek help from others,'unno...Kitties.
JerryKun Desku Report | 12/09/2014 8:44 pm
And then preserving their own bodies in boxes full of toxic chemicals to "honor the dead" or some s**t. D: (I love me some meat, yo. s**t's good.)

Te quieres Taco Bell? >:3 Pobre sita.

Eeehh...That is a terrible place for a wart. ._. (Back in high school I got a wart on my toe that refused to go away after multiple specialized treatments, including freezing it and melting it with caustic chemicals. Aventually, I just take a razor and sliced out the entire area. b***h never came back after that. >:c )

...It is ALWAYS funny... >.> Poop-head.

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See that?
That up there?
That is Kiroro.
That is where I got my user name from.
A cat demon from the show