Sebastian Michaelis
Age: Unknown
Race: Demon
Mood: Happy

Sebastian is a dutiful and dedicated butler to Ciel Phantomhive. He follows each order faithfully and completes each one, while always ensuring that the Phantomhive house runs smoothly. He does not sleep, except as a luxury, and frequently performs tasks for Ciel at night. The manner in which he responds to Ciel's demands is quite notable, as the servants are pleased when they can successfully imitate him; he says, "Yes, My Lord."

Despite his appearance as a courteous and excellent servant, Sebastian is actually a heartless, sadistic, and malicious demon. He is ruthless when attacking others on Ciel's orders, such as when he kicks Grell Sutcliff's face because it is the thing that Grell most cherishes. His diabolical nature is also shown through his cruel sarcasm and his inability to see good in much of anyone. At times, Sebastian can be indifferent, and he deliberately delays ensuring Ciel's well-being to tease him. Sebastian has also put Ciel's life in mild danger for his own amusement. He calls Ciel a "brat" who treats his workers rudely. However, despite all the troubles he goes through on a daily basis, he says that he does not dislike the butler lifestyle.

(Me and my young lord, The Little Blue Noble.)

Sebastian views money as "rubbish" or "materialistic", and is more than willing to give out generous amounts of pocket money given to him. He is fluent in French and Latin, enough to teach the latter. Sebastian has a strong distaste for Grim Reapers, a feeling that is mutual. He greatly favors cats, and keeps at least thirteen hidden in his closet to prevent Ciel from finding out.

Sebastian often contemplates about the behaviors and attitudes of human beings. He finds humans, in general, to be "difficult creatures," but he adds that their struggles and lofty goals make them interesting. He is intrigued about how insatiable they are, as they are willing to "drag others down to get what they want, even in death."


1- If you do not like me the way I am, please do not add me.
2- I do not take actions when there is drama, I wait till the right time to fix it. If you hate how I do it..... please do not bother me at all.
3- Also never threaten me without talking serious about it first off to the side like a man or woman.
4- Love me for me as I love you for who you are.

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Ciel Phantomhive: Lucien Kun, The Little Blue Noble, and Hell Nor Heaven

Claude Faustus:

Grell Sutcliff: The passionate red butler

Alois Trancy: The Lovely Red Earl

(Art done by InuKami Kiryu )

Help me get my dream Avi up and running! Just need two more Sebastian Items.

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Total Value: 30,042,714 Gold
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Item List:
Standard Issue Hunting Knife
Field Creeper
White Medical Gloves
Black Butler: Sebastian Michaelis
Black Butler: Sebastian Michaelis
Black Butler: Sebastian Michaelis

Family: (Gaian family)

Midknight Michaelis- Gaian RP Wife smilies/icon_heart.gif

Saeko Nerith: Gaian Mother smilies/icon_heart.gif

Fennekin Fox- Sister :3

Mayumi-Nightshade - Daughter :3

Rukia Akasheya- Daughter :3

B A D p a s s w o r d - Daughter :3

Ellie Rosemary Michaelis- Daughter :3

Kopalic- Daughter :3

Dark_Moon_Wolf989- Son :3

Khanna Blaire Demonica - Daughter :3

The Lovely Red Earl- Son :3

Magan of time- Best Friend :3


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I-Lost Emotions-I

Report | 07/20/2014 12:30 am

I-Lost Emotions-I

XD hello
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 07/14/2014 2:17 pm

The Little Blue Noble

Is that so? You remind me everyday. *He simply said as he spoke with no bit of interest. He knew the term "loyalty" on the butler's use of word and action, was just a way of nicely saying "till the end i remain loyal." A demon is a demon. Nothing but un-emotion contract done by having both sides win in the end. Eventually he will be nothing more than just a favorite collection towards the demon. Ciel couldn't help but chuckle a little just thinking about that thought. Was there fear towards what will truly happen when its time for the end? No nothing but curiosity*. Hmph~ couldn't suspect nothing else besides that answer. *He smirked a bit as he approached his butler who gentleman like opened the door. He thought for a bit on the question about dinner.* I am feeling to have Traditional British Roast for dinner Sebastian. After that, I want German Pudding with Bavarian Crème included and fruits around the desert. (that desert is good in rl...mmmm~~<3 lol!! )
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 07/10/2014 12:59 pm

The Little Blue Noble

*The master's innocent look turned into a frown as the butler gave back the bitten lollipop to him. And here he saved it so he would sneak another sweet after desert. He looked at the licked and used already candy and pouted a bit.* Do you have the habit of trying meals knowing you cannot taste a thing Sebastian? stare Or are you waiting for that one day where your tongue will finally taste something? *He remarked in a tease manner just to bicker his butler as he wrapped the candy back to its wrapper. * If so, I have to say that's far from happening. Especially from your kind.
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 07/10/2014 12:40 am

The Little Blue Noble

*He couldn't help but make a blank expression of irritation on the way he can never hide things from Sebastian. The butler was always alert and nothing ever slips behind him and even knowing he can never sneak something from his butler, he always tried anyway just to test if he would ever see him fail. Not that he wants to see Sebastian fail, just liked the idea of challenging him some time.* That last problem we had was on an order. A trouble some duty which in fact if I put the time to think about, all I feel is nothing but satisfaction towards the decision we both made. As well a bit of
hatred in the mix. But you know me, I don't like to talk about the past, unless it has some significance to me to talk further on the subject. *He rolled his eyes* if I decide to go to just see one again, it will be out of curiosity and of course you will company me. *He made a quiet gasp as he saw his butler eat the huge lollipop he had hidden for later after desert. The expression he had on his face was innocent like a taking a candy from a child. emotion_kirakira He didn't even realize the expression he was revealing. He stayed quiet and blinked a couple of times*....... is it good.....?
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 07/07/2014 10:26 pm

The Little Blue Noble

*The Master stood up quickly from his bed where he was peacefully sitting quietly as he heard the door open to reveal his mere butler who greeted him.* Why hello Sebastian. *He smirked gently and frowned at the circus comment as he raised his left eyebrow* >_> w-w-what makes you say that? *says as he secretly kicks a squeaky circus toy under the bed with his right heel* I think you are seeing things Sebastian, honestly why would I sneak out of the manor for some circus?? *His two hands were behind him as he was pushing the revealing candy under his fluffy pillow.* Like honestly~! That's nonsense.
Fennekin Fox

Report | 06/24/2014 11:52 pm

Fennekin Fox

mine telling me on y ur not in bed brother
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 06/04/2014 1:08 am

The Little Blue Noble

*The Earl gives a slight moan into the deep kiss and his hands intertwined in the back of his butler's raven hair and he passionately returned the deep kiss. He then whispered in his ear* I am not someone who expresses much words on what I am feeling but I will tell you,*His voice was a gentle whisper* I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all you're yet to be.
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 06/01/2014 12:55 am

The Little Blue Noble

*Chuckles a bit as he feels lips into his and he gently wraps his arms around his neck* And I have been missing my able butler~ * He says in a whisper as he parts lips*
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 05/31/2014 2:59 pm

The Little Blue Noble

You as well~ but you already know that very well. *Flushes a bit and looks up as he tipy toes to reach for a kiss on his cheek* How are you?
Fennekin Fox

Report | 04/21/2014 2:25 pm

Fennekin Fox

ok i be there


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