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woah. somehow someone decided to click this random girl's profile LOL. well since you're.. take a seat at your computer desk if your at home or on the ground if your on your phone in the middle of the street! xD ( watch out for cars though. those things hurt. xDD )
random things about me:
erm im usually not good at this but lets just go for this right? xD okay so... my real name is can call me jojo if i like you enough (if your not one of my dear friends please just call me sakura, saku or i feel a bit offended that you instantly think were bffs enless im like "omg! bffs forever" or something like that xD ) im fourteen turning fifteen may twelfth . i really enjoy reading, writing,drawing, animating, watching anime, and singing. i try to stay positive on here if theyres bull. in real life but i do reach my breaking point and start to get mad a little easy. im usually shy in real life because im scared of showing my true personality because most people would probably think im slow or something xD . sometimes i like to rp but i dont do it too much so i dont get addicted or too hooked for my friends on here. xP thatd just be mean
my history (its mostly sad pleas elook away if you dontwanna cry)

ever since i was born ive been living with my grandma. i couldint live with my mom and dad for two reasons: my mum was 16 when she gave birth to me 2: my dad took drugs. i dont like seeing my mum to this day and wont mention her anymore but i need to talk about my dad. i got to see my dad every second weekend. to me he was my best friend. but he was always sick or hung over because hed drink, smoke and do drugs. but i didint care to me he was my best and only friend. but when i was close to turning nine he passed away in a coma. i always felt guilty for it all. but now i know its not my fault. i accept his passing and that hes in heaven. ( i actually have his ashes in a teddy bear he gave me) but i still cry at times because my mum says its all my fault. anyways enough of this. i cant anymore xD

my friends
----ill update this later------


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darkest secrets

basically a story thingy made by me and my close friends :3 have fun reading!


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