Things I like. ;o

So, I pretty much at the time love gaia. I know it's sad, but I have days where I won't even think about it and then I have days where all I do is play it. D':


I will rape all of these band members one day...
I love My Chemical Romance, let me just put that out there.
Other bands I like are: FOB, Taking Back Sunday, The Hush Sound, The Shins, The Matches, Queen, Ludo, The Artic Monkey's, Billy Talent, Cobra Starship, Metro Station, We the Kings, 30 seconds to Mars, The Used, Mika, AFI, The Dresden Dolls, 3 Days Grace, Voltaire, Kennedy, Family Force 5, Rammstein, Panic at the Disco, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

What I'm like.

Hmm, how to put this. I'm random as hell and have a sick sense of humor. I love the color black, but I love bright colors too. All around, colors make me drool. v.v;
I love animals, but I vehemently hate bugs...especially worms.
I have a Siamese twin named Paige. She is actually my best friend, but everyone likes to call us that. >.>;
Oh, you all probably want to know what my name is. ^^;;
Well tough ******** cookies! D:<
I kid, I kid. ;3
My name is Cassandra, and I'm 20 yrs young.
I love politics.
I mean, I don't think people realize how much I love talking about them. When I win debates, I practically c** a little. ;o
I don't really have a favorite movie or even tv show. I just watch everything. Though I especially like things that have to do with paranormal stuff. -nods-
I am an atheist. Though I do have religious friends.
We have a mutual understanding. She doesn't talk about her "God." I don't talk about the lack of "God" I have.
So to all who have an opinion on religion and plan on stuffing it down my throat...Go ******** yourself. >:B
I have an opinion too, and since you're on my profile guess what? ...I'm right jackass! ;3
That's about it...
.....Bye! >.<
Leave damnit! >.<

Things you should check out:
The Dee Dee Dee sisters thread! It's kinky...smilies/icon_heart.gif

This is Paige. The above mentioned 'Siamese twin'. Cassey is MINE. Try and take her, and I'll find you... Wait until you have a child, then eat said child. Don't [********] with me. Have a nice day!

Avi art people Have done for me!

Saga Takashi!


Kisu Kawaii. Her avi art is amazing. ^-^


Immortal_Kiizuki Thank you so much I love it!!!


To my ex. :"D

There once was a hermit named dave.
He kept a dead whore in his cave.
He knew it was sick.
It smelled like his d**k.
But think of the money he saved!


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Tek tek

Jesus Christ just let me put in the tek tek already. D';

It's just a tek tek...



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Happy birthday girl biggrin

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I'm in love with your whole profile. heart

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-pounce- long time no see how are you

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thanks for the purchase.
and im in LOVE with your profile.
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XD So, your not in love with my anymore huh XDDDD
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